Straight up I need to warn you that there are going to be some spoilers here both in terms of the novels by Stephen King as well as ‘The Dark Tower‘ film itself. The images that we’ll be linking to below seem to confirm something that fans of the series have suspected for a few months and it all boils down to what appears to be a simple item that is resting in the bag that Idris Elba is wearing while playing Roland Deschain.


It all started a few months back when Stephen King tweeted out the image below:

Fans of the book know that this Horn is what Roland ended up with at the very end of King’s saga but it isn’t something that he had during the course of the books. However, a specific new image from Just Jared shows the horn itself peaking out from Roland’s bag.

He has travelled to The Dark Tower countless times with his memory wiped each time until he can get things right but, to our knowledge, has never had the Horn of Eld until now. If this it the case and that is the Horn, this film will, in fact, be a sequel to the books and not an adaptation which is why as a new quest any changes could be explained away. I know the color of Roland’s skin is clearly going to be questioned here but I really think that this is something we should all be giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point as King himself has said multiple times how excited he is for the direction they are taking things.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘The Dark Tower’? Do you think that this film will actually be the conclusion to King’s works or just another loop on Roland’s neverending quest? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Dark Tower’ is set to open its doors in theaters everywhere on February 17th, 2017.

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