With San Diego Comic Con looming just around the corner (July 21-24, if your calendar needed an update), we pop-culture fans of the world are getting ready for the gluttonous overload of information, trailers, tidbits, and excerpts from a ton of movies, comics, and TV series heading our way in the next year or so.  One film that I’m particularly excited about – as is a ton of other folks, no doubt – is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2,’ who we know will definitely have a presence at SDCC, thanks to the film’s awesome director James Gunn and his amazing desire to share whatever news he can with his fans via his social media accounts.

Gunn also enjoys having impromptu Q&A sessions with his followers on Twitter and Facebook Live, and just yesterday he was answering questions on Twitter when an intriguing back-and-forth occurred.  When asked a specific question about two alien races that exist at Marvel – specifically, “why are the Kree available but the Skrulls are at Fox” – Gunn had this to say about the situation:

Now, “co-owned” is about as ambiguous as a phrase can get, but the obvious inference here seems to be that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could utilize the Skrull species on the whole in their films.  As for the “specific Skrulls” that are owned by Fox, a speculative guess would peg some of these as potentially being Kl’rt, the original “Super Skrull,” and Lyja, comic-book wife of Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch.

It’s important to note that the Chitauri, as seen in the MCU already, have been ret-conned in Marvel Comics to be another name for the Skrull race, but most fans know the Skrulls as the green-skinned alien race that first made its appearance in ‘Fantastic Four’ #2 waaay back in the early 1960s – the question remains, could we see these aliens in their original form in the MCU sometime soon-ish, possibly even in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2?’

The answer is an unknown for now, but with SDCC fast approaching and Gunn & company in attendance to reveal something awesome about the movie… well, never say never, eh?

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