True Blood‘ may best be remembered as one of HBO’s biggest undead filled cash cows prior to ‘Game of Thrones’ but the novels written by Charlaine Harris will be finding new life as a Broadway Stage Musical. This is actually something that has been in the works since 2014!

Oscar-winning screenwriter Alan Ball did an amazing job at bringing us a highly sexualised and violent set of vampires to the small screen and now The Southern Vampire Mystery books which follow the life of Sookie Stackhouse are going to be told in musical form. This is actually a bit fitting seeing that the show wasn’t just praised for its acting and plots but also from the music that composer Nathan Barr put together for the series.

Speaking of Barr’s work, the musical will include some of the work that he had put together when it premieres on Broadway in New York City. Not only that, but the series producer Alan Ball (‘American Beauty’) will also be involved in some capacity though what he’ll be helping with has yet to be announced.

Just like the series we’ll see the musical located in Bon Temps, Louisiana and while the music and book apparently are mostly set at this point, the script is still being worked on.

While the last vampire musical to hit Broadway was an Anne Rice themed ‘Lestat’, we’ll see if this one flops as well or if audiences still have a taste for ‘True Blood’. With a seven season series and multiple books to follow it will be interesting to see which story or sets of stories that they’ve cherry-picked to create this.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘True Blood’ as a musical or should they have shoved a stake through the heart of everything related to Harris’ work after the fifth season took a dive in quality? Share your thoughts below Fangbangers!

Source: Screen Rant

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