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Toys that tie into movies are generally pretty cool these days. Although, sometimes they can be released well before the movie hits theaters and can spoil some fairly integral moments, similar to what happened with the Giant Man Funko Pop figure from ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Or at the very least they could reveal some previously unknown but highly speculated information, which is what happened with a Lego set for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. But with the latest case of a toy dropping some info a bit early seems like it falls somewhere in between those two examples.

Heroic Hollywood recently uncovered some toys that give us some insight into Mads Mikkelsen’s character in the upcoming Phase Three film ‘Doctor Strange‘. Though we’ve heard that the ‘Hannibal’ star is playing the villain of the film, no other details regarding the character have leaked through the cracks. However, the site reports that the latest set of Marvel Minimates gives us the name of Mikkelsen’s antagonist for the first time, which according to the blurb from Diamond Select Toys is Kaecilius. But before we get into what that means, you can check out the figures below, followed by the description of the line:

Doctor Strange minimates

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The next chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the next entry in the long-running Marvel Minimates line! Series 70 of Marvel Minimates mini-figures travels to the world of the Doctor Strange movie, with four different two-packs: Dr. Strange with The Ancient One, Mordo with Kaecilius, the specialty-exclusive Stephen Strange with Christine Palmer and the specialty-exclusive Wong & Zealot! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts. Each two-pack is packaged in a full-color window box.

Kaecilius may not be a familiar name to True Believers right away whether you’ve been a long time fan of Stephen Strange or not. In the comics, he’s a disciple of Baron Mordo, who is traditionally seen as a villain of the Sorcerer Supreme. But word is that this iteration portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor in Scott Derrickon’s film will be an ally of Strange in their theatrical debut. So how does that jive with the reports of Mikkelson playing the bad guy? Well, for one, there’s always the possibility that Kaecilius is just a placeholder name used to avoid spoilers. But Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige previously described Mikkelsen’s character as “a sorcerer who breaks off into his own sect”, so it’s very possible that this version of Kaecilius is another master of mysticism that finds himself at odds with Mordo rather than simply being a follower. Either way, we’ll have to wait for some official word to know for sure if this is actually the name of the big bad in the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do you think that we’ve learned the true identity of Mads Mikkelsen’s character in ‘Doctor Strange’? Or is this just a placeholder for an even bigger and more unexpected threat? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments. 

‘Doctor Strange’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benedict Wong, and Mads Mikkelsen emerges on this plane on November 4, 2016. 

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