Tales from the Crypt

With TNT rebooting one of the most iconic horror anthology series of all time in ‘Tales From the Crypt,’ they are planning on doing so in an original way by not basing their stories off of the old comics but off of those shared on Wattpad. For those who are unfamiliar with Wattpad, it is a sprawling creative network with over 40 million active users who are constantly posting original fiction and fan-fiction. To put that in perspective the creators are putting up around 20 million stories each month. While they aren’t all horror, there still is plenty to choose from.

The series will be going to the sub-genres of horror which are most frequented by authors and readers for the inspiration of what to put in each episode for a theme. Not only are these genres being looked at but some Wattpad contributors may have their own stories adapted into episodes.

While the specifics aren’t known, Aron Levitz who is in charge of the platform has clarified that any stories chosen to go to the small screen will have to have permission given by the author and a monetary compensation must be agreed on. So no one has to worry about the network outright taking ideas to use on their own.

As long as TNT actually pays the authors for their time I think that this is a fantastic way to bring new horror to viewers and get the names of some newer authors out there. The series already has to be creative as they can’t go as far as the prior HBO was able to take things but there is always a place for well done cerebral horror.

Are you looking forward to the reboot of ‘Tales From the Crypt’? What are your thoughts on the crowdsourcing of topics for upcoming shows?

Source: Cinema Blend

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