You would think that a comic book created by famed director James Wan would have him in the director’s chair, but ‘Malignant Man’ will have someone else behind the camera. Instead of the famed horror director who is currently working on ‘Aquaman‘ tackling the movie, we’ll instead see what Brad Peyton (‘San Andreas’,’Joruney 2: The Mysterious Island’) can do with this superhero. Wan co-wrote the comic with Michael Alan Nelson and artist Piotr Kowalski through Boom! Studios which have Fox lined up with the rights to the film. At this time, Zak Olkewicz has penned a draft of the movie though I would wager that both Peyton and Wan will have some input before it goes into production.

Fox has had the rights to this graphic novel, which was released in 2011,  since 2014. The story follows a cancer patient named Alan Gates who has finally given up on his persistent failing treatment. Only, once he has he finds that his tumor is actually an alien parasite which is starting to give him super powers. With a second chance on life, he sets out to battle against an underworld that no one knows even exists. While the book wasn’t the longest of runs it is a story that with some slight changes could easily become an ongoing series.

Obviously, we’re still in some pretty early pre-production stages. With both Wan and Peyton knee-deep in projects there is no word as to when this will actually hit the big screen. However, comic properties have been hitting home runs at the box office so it wouldn’t surprise me if Fox ended up wanting to see this happen sooner than later.

Are you looking forward to ‘Malignant Man’? Do you think that this is a film that could kick off a franchise or will we only be getting a single movie out of this? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Cinema Blend and io9.

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