If you were ever a ‘Voltron’ fan when you were a kid, you have something amazing to look forward to this summer. As many are already aware, Netflix and Dreamworks are remaking the classic series ‘Voltron,’ starting with an 11 episode season 1 that will be released on Netflix on June 10. Below, you can check out a sizzle reel of the action shots of the show, which promise a lot of fun, some crazy robots and space battles, and of course, the moment when all of the robots come together to form the mighty Voltron. There’s even more to be excited about as the show is being produced by some of the creative forces behind ‘Avatar: The Las Airbender’ and ‘The Legend of Korra,’ producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, which for me at least, means that the show has some serious talent behind it, and strong hands to keep the comedy, action, and drama on point.

Are you excited for the new ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ series? Check out the sizzle reel below and then let us know your opinions in the comments section!

The Netflix original series DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender reimagines one of the most popular fan-favorite shows of all time in this all-new comedic action-packed show from executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos (The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender) and co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery (The Legend of Korra).

Five unsuspecting teenagers, transported from Earth into the middle of a sprawling intergalactic war, become pilots for five robotic lions in the battle to protect the universe from evil. Only through the true power of teamwork can they unite to form the mighty warrior known as Voltron.

The series will be available to Netflix members in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the Nordics, Benelux, France and DACH beginning June 10.

Source: Collider

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