“Come back in the evening,

I’ll have the door locked to keep out

The wild huntsman.”

A Wesen that hunts with a ‘Predator’-like sense of honor, Monroe popping the question and things heating up as Adalind’s baby begins its push to being born into this world signify a ‘Grimm’ that is more of a preview towards an action packed second half of its third season.

Engaged at last

Amid a car chase between a highway patrolman and an unnamed assailant driving a souped-up Dodge Charger, Monroe treats Rosalee to a very expensive night out at &–or, as the symbol is known, Ampersand. They share intimate details of their first Woge—when they became aware of their Wesen heritage while, the unfortunate officer is killed and scalped by the Charger’s driver. But there is good in the first few minutes when Monroe proposes to Rosalee in the most apropos way, being that he’s a clockmaker/repairman. Stunned out of words at first, Rosalee replies yes and the newly engaged couple embrace.

It’s almost all bad from there…or, if not bad, certainly not great.

Doing some taxes, Juliette brings up getting in touch with Nick’s Momma Grimm, who’s been out of contact since her email from earlier in the season. Nick’s not 100% sold Juliette should be doing it but gives her his blessing before meeting Hank, who tells him about the murdered officer. They arrive and case the scene. Hank mentions that, from a historical aspect, scalping has been to confirm a kill or prove one’s prowess in battle. Renard shows the dash-cam to the precinct and orders his officers to exercise caution. Two other murders—one in San Diego (border patrol agent) and another in San Rafael (naval captain) share the same MO

After having a morning chat with Rosalee on the wedding, Monroe steps into the biggest of minefields—telling his parents about the engagement. It’s one of the only points of levity in the episode as his prying and over exuberant mother is the other side of the coin from a gruff and forgetful father who asks the most inappropriate questions. Monroe’s more than relieved to have gotten the conversation out of the way and a weight’s lifted off his shoulders…that is, until his mom calls back with news they will be paying him a visit the very next day. Oh, and staying with him to boot.

As mentioned, things are heating up in regards to Adalind, the baby, and the Resistance. Sebastian, Renard’s man inside, grabs Adalind moments before she’s to meet with Viktor. He tells her to watch what she says as Viktor is also entertaining Gregor Danilov, head of the Verrat. “We all need to be prudent now,” he warns. Viktor and Danilov are going over photos of Resistance members and questions Adalind on if she recognizes any of them. She sidesteps the issue, only saying that Meisner looks familiar. She does acknowledge that Renard left a note in her room but lies about the contents of said note. After she leaves, for the first time, Viktor entertains the notion that Sean Renard and not his dead brother Eric, may be the father of her baby. Sebastian relays Adalind’s meeting to Renard who tells him to contact Meisner. “He’ll know what to do,” Renard says cryptically. Meanwhile, Adalind gets a few more labor pains when the baby starts more pushing against her belly.

Nick gets to Monroe’s at a less than ideal time

In Portland, a bad ass Green Beret becomes another victim of the Wesen killer. After Nick comes home and reads his mom’s reply to Juliette—namely, she wasn’t able to get the coins to Zakintos, someone’s on her trail and she’s getting back in touch with the Resistance—he’s not too crazy about Juliette getting caught in the middle but she wants to do it. Back to the killer, Nick and Hank run across a report from the Federales of two similar cases. In addition, they get an ID on the car, parked downtown in from of a nameless motel. The baddie in question is definitely showing his Predator side, cleaning the hides, when the motel manager comes banging on his door demanding to know what the pungent smell is. Unable to reply with a ‘Terminator’-esque “F*** you, @$$ hole”, the baddie Wesen ends up intimidating the hell out of the manager. Thanks to the most obvious cop in the world, the baddie catches wind of the cops casing his car and steals the motel manager’s truck. After forensics goes over the room, they find evidence of 27 individuals that have fallen victim to this killer, a killer known as a Wildeskeer, one whose prowess on the battlefield is one of fearlessness and rage that have given them another name: Berserkers. And this particular berserker, scalp pelt complete, has his sights set firmly on our favorite Grimm.

After a particularly nasty contraction, Adalind meets with Stefania, who tells the pregnant soon-to-be mom/hexenbiest, that the baby is on its way, despite being in the womb only six months. It’s time for Ads to go into hiding, lest Viktor get his hands on her and the baby.

Monroe’s parents finally show and once they find out Rosalee’s a Fuschbau, things go downhill from there. Their prejudice hurts Rosalee bad and she storms out, Monroe and his parents get into a harsh fight but things really go to hell when Nick chooses the worst time ever to come a’knockin. It’s the final straw and, at the sight of the Grimm, Monroe’s parents Woge out and go on the attack.

“Oh #*@%!!!” is right.

Grimm Times

  • Tonight’s episode was more than a filler hour, a springboard for the second half of the season. There’s no doubt there are some interesting plot points touched on that will be the driving force over the next dozen episodes.
  • I’ve been wondering when we’d hear from Momma Grimm and it looks like she’s doing her thing on the other side of the world.
  • Monroe’s parents are a piece of work. Their old-school ways regarding inter-Wesen relationships and Grimms are going to cause more than a little strife in their son’s life.
  • Adalind’s brood is ready to make its way into the world and, for the first time, the idea that it may be Captain Renard’s baby adds even more intrigue to the battle with the Royals.