From some casting choices that purists find questionable to how the epic ‘The Dark Tower‘ will play out on the big screen when it is released, Stephen King weighs in on the cinematic translation of his favorite set of novels. Fans of King know that ‘The Dark Tower’ weaves in and out of almost every piece of his work with a multitude of characters actually living in a shared universe. In fact, if properly done the kind of tie-ins involved with this would be able to put Marvel’s Cinematic Universe to shame. Sadly, we won’t be seeing a new take on ‘The Stand’ or his other work that directly tie in here. What King does share, though, are some very important tidbits that you’ll want to check out.

For starters, there have been rumors that the first novel in the series might be entirely skipped. Thankfully this isn’t so as according to King:

“The movie will start where the books start. The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed. I’ve been pretty insistent about that, and I think everybody’s on board with it.”

That is good news for sure, but we won’t be getting all of ‘The Gunslinger being translated on screen:

“It starts sort of in the middle of the story, rather than the beginning which may upset some of the fans a little bit, but they’ll get behind it because it is the story.”

With how different most of the series is compared to the first novel, I feel that this isn’t really that much of an issue. We’ll still see the hardship, the journey, but also get to where the story is meant to go sooner than later.

When talking about Elba as his lead character King says that:

“I think [Elba’s] one of the best actors working in the business now. Idris is someone who I’ve loved since watching The Wire.”

Director Nikolaj Arcel also chimed in on Matthew McConaughey’s work as the Man in Black with:

“We have a lot of layers to him. He’s not just this one-note villain. I think we’re very true to the novels.”

‘The Dark Tower’ has always been King’s mistress, lurking in the shadows and tying much of his work together either directly or with subtle references. For the author to so passionately be supportive of the film really has me thinking that we’re going to be in for a huge treat when it finally hits the big screen.

Roland will begin his journey to ‘The Dark Tower’ on February 17, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant

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