Blade of HonorIt used to be it was a big deal to have a new science fiction TV series launch, but with the explosion of different content channels (Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc) and more widespread support for escapist stories on the major networks, there’s lots of sci-fi TV to go around. But there’s always space for something new and interesting and that’s where ‘Blade of Honor‘ comes in.

The not-yet-quite-launched TV series is going to start life as a web series with a quite modest budget – $30,000 gets the first three episodes produced – and because it’s on Kickstarter, there are some really fun opportunities afoot if you have some coin to spare and want to be an underwriter.

Set in the year 2187, ‘Blade of Honor’ revolves around the headstrong Alliance Navy Star Blade pilot Arina Kartades (Alison Haislip, from ‘Attack of the Show’), who’s involved in a war that pits the human Alliance against the Calinar. Problem is, us humans are losing and when she learns that her state-sponsored religious upbringing was built on a lie, she uncovers a greater conspiracy that underlies the entire war and the future of the human race.

Also featured in the series will be Richard Hatch (‘Battlestar Galactica’), Tim Russ (‘Star Trek: Voyager’), Tim Russ (‘Heroes’), Cirroc Lofton (‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) and Brandon Stacy (‘Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II’). The lead writer is Mark Edward Lewis, who’s been involved with ‘Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.,’ ‘Mind Sifter’ and ‘Star Trek: Torment of Destiny.’

Visual effects make or break a modern sci-fi series, particularly one set in the future with spaceships, interplanetary warfare, etc, and ‘Blade of Honor’ is working with The Light Works VF/X crew, a team that’s worked on ‘Star Trek: Rivals’ and ‘Star Trek: New Voyages,’ among others. But just check out the teaser trailer the team’s pulled together on its Kickstarter campaign:

Is this going to be any good? Maybe, maybe not. It’s too soon to tell. But given how hard it would be to feel you’re involved in a major sci-fi TV hit like ‘Colony ‘or ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ it is pretty darn fun to be able to toss a few bucks at this project and have your name on the Web site, have a walk-on role as an extra or even have a starship named after you!

Learn more by checking out ‘Blade of Honor’ on Kickstarter.