Major changes are coming to ‘Supernatural’, at least behind the scenes.  Jeremy Carver has decided to exit the series.  Carver has served as the series’ showrunner since Season Eight.  The show is now in its eleventh season and will be returning for a twelfth in the fall.  Carver will be replaced by Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb

Carver actually began writing for ‘Supernatural’ in 2007 and became a co-producer in Season Five.  He then departed the series only to return in the eighth.  He also served as executive producer and showrunner for Syfy’s ‘Being Human’.

Carver will be overseeing The CW’s new series ‘Frequency’.

His successors are no strangers to the series. Singer has been part of the creative team since Season One and was the namesake of the Winchester brothers’ beloved father figure Bobby Singer.  Dabb has been with the show since Season Four.

‘Supernatural’ has been on the air for going on 12 years, which is a rarity in itself, especially for a genre show.  Fantasy/horror/sci-fi shows have a disturbing habit of dying after a season or two.  But remarkably, ‘Supernatural’ isn’t just still on the air, it’s still very popular and is a licensing juggernaut.  CW President Mark Pedowitz has stated that he thinks the show will outlive his tenure at the network.

What do you think?  Are you alarmed at the backstage shakeups?  Or do you think this may result in a fresher ‘Supernatural’?  Or do you think it’s time for The CW to ax the show?

Source: Cinema Blend