We knew that at one point Josh Boone had been brought on board to work on a script involving Lestat and now it seems he has finalized one for a reboot of Anne Rice’s ‘Interview With The Vampire’! It is dated April 2016 which means that it is a rather recent completion and there is no word as to if the studio has approved it yet but he has co-written it with Jill Killington who he has worked with on the 2016 Katie Holmes directed ‘All We Had’.

Boone broke the news with a quick picture onto his Instagram:

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Initial rumors in 2014 had Universal and Imagine Entertainment bringing the property back to life with Boone set to write a combined film that would incorporate material from ‘The Vampire Lestat’ and ‘The Queen of the Damned.’ Now it seems we’re going back to the 1994 film which fans have long felt that Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt knocked out of the park. A critical and financial success, it does make sense to revisit the property if they plan on making all of the movies in ‘The Vampire Chronicles‘. Or, at least the big ones. With ‘Prince Lestat‘ having on bookshelves in 2014 and the 12th book, ‘Blood Paradise’ already scheduled, they have 12 books of material to farm out for movies.

So you can see, there is plenty of work that can be included in a trilogy or even an ongoing series. With Universal Pictures putting so much money and work into their Classic Monster Cinematic Universe, it should be no surprise that they’d be hedging their bets on horror. Especially with a franchise with so many built in fans.

Assuming we can all forget the 2002 release of ‘Queen of the Damned’ that is.

Are you excited to hear that ‘Interview with the Vampire’ is making it back to the big screen or do you think that we’ve had enough of Lestat? Share your thoughts below!

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