With ‘Captain America: Civil War’ just around the corner, it is no wonder we are seeing a very intense push by Marvel to promote the film, especially with all of the good press and positive reviews it is receiving both home and abroad. The latest featurette helps to set up the story leading into the film, and remind fans of the MCU how exactly the stage was set for the events that are to occur in ‘Civil War.’

First off, it has Chris Evans talking about the friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, who was Steve’s only friend/ family back when he was skinny and shunned. Bucky stood by him no matter what, and it was tragic when Steve lost his friend during WWII. When Bucky re-emerged in the present as the Winter Soldier, Steve understandably wants to do everything he can to save and help his friend, but the problem is that the Winter Soldier is a still a loose cannon, and some (like Tony Stark) feel he needs to be brought to justice for all of the deaths he caused (including Tony’s own parents).

Next the video delves into all of the destruction the Avengers have inadvertently caused so far, and how over 117 countries have signed the so-called ‘Sokovia Accords,’ which want to reign in the power of the team and place government control over their actions, to make them more accountable. Steve does not like the idea of an authority over the Avengers, as he fully recalls the World Council ordering a nuke into NYC against Nick Fury’s orders and Iron Man having to throw the missile into space to save the city, not to mention Cap’s memory of the betrayal of finding out that SHIELD was actually HYDRA in disguise. And of course, that is countered by Tony Stark’s guilt over having created Ultron and caused so many deaths, and realizing that if he had been accountable to someone, they could have stopped from being so reckless (of course, maybe not. During the ‘Iron Man’ films we constantly saw Tony defy authority figures).

Lastly, the Russo brothers speak about how there is no clear “villain” in the film, and unlike other franchises that promised a fight between heroes (*cough*BVS*cough*) ‘Civil War’ will actually have the heroes fighting the entire movie, and not joining forces against a larger foe in the third act. Check out the featurette for yourself below, and then let us know your thoughts on the events leading up to ‘Civil War’ and where you would stand in the war!

SOURCE: Screenrant