Director George Miller is a veteran in the field of action movies, but it was last year’s ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ that really put him back in the spotlight.  But before that, back in 2009, Miller was lined up to direct ‘Justice League: Mortal’ a fast-tracked attempt by Warner Brothers to create their own DC Comics cinematic universe.  The Hollywood Writers strike derailed the entire production and the film never got made, but since ‘Mad Max’ proved not only to be a box office hit, but wound up getting nominated for Best Picture of the Year in both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, it seems more and more are clamoring to see Miller take another stab at the DC Universe.

Now fans may get their wish, as Miller’s name has once again surfaced in connection to a DC film project: 2020’s ‘Green Lantern Corps’.

Reporter Umberto Gonzalez, who has scored some juicy scoops in the past, revealed that he heard a rumor indicating that Miller was at least in the running to helm this film.

“Let me tell you what I’m hearing – I know something, I heard something yesterday. The hot rumour is George Miller… Boom! George Miller is being rumoured to direct the Green Lantern Corps movie, and I think it’d be perfect for him, are you kidding me? George Miller. Again, it’s just a rumour right now, I just literally heard this yesterday.”

There had been rumors that Green Lantern would pop up in ‘Batman V Superman’, but of course, that turned out to be false.  ‘Green Lantern’ flew on the big screen once before… and crashed and burned in the 2011 flop directed by Martin Campbell, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, arguably the most popular Green Lantern in the comics.

Perhaps to distance the new film from that turkey, Warner Brothers will focus on multiple characters in ‘Green Lantern Corps‘, reportedly Jordan plus John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

Since a director hasn’t been officially announced, there also haven’t been any announcements as to screenwriters or stars, since a director is usually involved with picking those.

Would you like to see George Miller craft ‘Green Lantern Corps’?  Or is there another director that you think would fit better?

Source: Screen Rant

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