Grimm Taming of the Wu 2

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind
As a great and sudden change.”

As we near the end of the 2015-16 network television seasons, most shows are slowly but surely leading viewers to a particular end game. For us fans of Grimm, while we may see the end in sight just over the horizon, what the end of Season Five will look like is anyone’s guess.

Renard in conversation with Conrad Bonaparte, a strong figure in the Black Claw hierarchy.
Renard in conversation with Conrad Bonaparte, a strong figure in the Black Claw hierarchy.

For the appetizer, Wu’s still a bit out of his from his bump on the head and is being kept at the hospital for observation. Nick and Hank check in on their fellow officer who, at the moment, can’t remember how he even got there. Nick has the hunch of something being a bit weird with the sergeant and vows to keep an eye on him but they’re not the only one: a guy that might as well have a sign reading ‘expendable henchman’ on his jacket gives someone a call about Wu. After wogeing in front of the nurse, an event that’s quickly swept under the rug, Wu’s on his way home the next day. What follows is some good buddy cop banter between three of Portland’s finest, ending with Wu telling the detectives about his dreams of red meat and hunting. Nick suggests Wu get in touch with Rosalee and, after watching his arm transform after an accidental cut, Wu makes the call. But when is it ever that easy? On his way to the car, he spots Theo Delano, a career criminal, and the guy who’s been tailing Wu the entire day. When he confronts Theo, the latter woges and attacks…and gets his throat ripped out for his troubles.

Before diving a bit deeper into Wu’s weird dilemma, let’s backtrack a bit to the reunion of mother and daughter. Though she doesn’t know what exactly, Adalind knows Renard is into some shadiness but she doesn’t realize how much until she gets a visit from one Conrad Bonaparte (more on that later). As it stands, both Ads and Renard get a taste of just how different Diana’s tantrums are compared to most children. Adalind’s in a tough spot, wanting to go with her daughter but has already begun a new life with Nick and baby Kelly. But Diana’s insistent, giving her mum a psychic call over the next few days, a call that Eve ends up hearing, much to the latter’s surprise.

Wu's mind is all over the place as he tries to figure out what's going on.
Wu’s mind is all over the place as he tries to figure out what’s going on.

On the Hadrian’s Wall front, Meisner and Trubel are back, confirming the hit on the safe house where Diana was being kept. Even briefs them on her psychic three-way call and tells them Nick has to be brought in on it. Nick and Hank meet up at the Hadrian Wall HQ and though the get the 411, duty eventually calls and they’ve got a body to check out. Said body is none other than Theo Delano; his throat’s ripped out and despite it being a bloody mess, no one knows anything. Rosalee calls with concerns on Wu, and they find him unconscious and covered in blood. Understandably shaken, Wu can’t recall a thing, other than Theo attacking him and, with no other recourse, the trio head to the spice shop. After briefing Monrosalee, the couple comes up with ‘Recall the Darkness’, a potion designed to pull stingy memories to the forefront. It does its job in that respect but gets bonus points for putting Wu through his mysterious transformation. It doesn’t take long for Rosalee to connect the dots of Wu’s condition to that of the lycanthropic virus but a cure’s going to be a bit harder to come by. While he may not grow obscenely strong or turn green, Wu needs to tap into his inner Bruce Banner and stay calm.

Calm will probably be the furthest thing from Nick’s mind, though. After the hectic events of two days end, the Grimm arrives back at the loft to find both Adalind and Kelly gone. She’s left him a note apologizing and, before it all disappears, “I have to protect you” are the final words Nick sees.


  • I understand the premise of drama but man, can Nick ever catch a break? Ever since he became a Grimm, Nick’s life has been through one ringer after another. Now, after having a baby with his first true enemy as a Grimm, he’s falling for that same person, only to have her betray him. And this comes after she fesses up about her Hexenbiest status and the two of them promise not to hurt one another. Yes, we know why Adalind did what she did but all Nick probably feels in the knife in the back. Here’s hoping Adalind doesn’t get a literal dagger between the shoulder blades when Eve finds out…
  • I thought Renard knew what he was doing by getting in bed with Black Claw but now, after the introduction of this Conrad Bonaparte—whose overt threats forced Adalind’s hand—I can’t say that I do anymore. It almost seems like the Captain is falling right in line with the organization, slowly losing himself in the assignment of being in deep cover.
  • And on that deep cover front, Zuri shows her true colors. Her inquiries into Hank relationship with Nick seemed too focused to be idle chit chat and now we see it’s all part of the plan. Conrad’s gotten his hooks into her but it not from a blackmail perspective; it appears that Zuri’s on Team Black Claw. When it all comes to a head, will it be worse of Hank has to take her down or Nick? Either way , it’s going to hurt.
  • Finally, who is this Conrad Bonaparte? He’s no doubt a major player in Black Claw but could he be the player, as in the head Wesen in charge? He has the aura of a higher up and his directive to bring Nick over to their side is both surprising and bold. Even if he’s not numero uno on the Black Claw villain list, he will be the one Nick has to stop to keep his city out of the hands of the militant Wesen group. Something tells me Conrad has a bit more up his sleeve than the kingly suite he’s shown so far.
  • A post-script on Diana: that little girl’s going to be a handful and it’s going to take someone with power and an iron will to tame her. For Portland’s sake, it better not be Conrad.