While we’re used to seeing book and video game adaptations hit the big and small screen we’ve just learned that the horror Podcast ‘Lore’ is coming to television! The plan is to have an anthology series akin to ‘Lore’ with each episode being an hour long self-contained story. With her success on ‘The Walking Dead,’ it seems that Gale Anne Hurd wants to keep pushing into horror and has teamed up with Ben Silverman to adapt the podcast for the small screen. At this time, a network hasn’t picked up the show but with Howard T. Owen’s Propagate Content helping adapt and shop it along and with Hurd behind it, I suspect we’ll see a quick announcement for the pilot being ordered, if not the full series.

The ‘Lore’ podcast averages over 2 million listeners and is brought to us by Aaron Mahnke which tells fact-based stories from real life from his research of how many of pop culture’s most legendary horror characters were brought to life as well as some of the most infamous serial killers to stalk the face of the Earth and the real stories behind them.

From the show, we can expect a mix “of narration, historical mixed media and cinematically shot scripted scenes” with each episode examining a different subject. From the description given, I’m kind of expecting something almost like ‘Mysteries at the Museum’ for fans of horror. To be honest, I’m perfectly okay with that!

Of the series, Hurd says:

“I’m excited to partner with Propagate on this truly thrilling and disturbing project. Lore is the real stuff that should keep you up at night.”

One of the Executive Producers of the show, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, adds:

“Serial inadvertently created a completely new playground for storytelling and intellectual property. Aaron Mahnke is the Stephen King of podcasting.”

With ‘Serial’ of course being the first podcast to television adaptation which is happening over at Fox.

The idea could be sound with the right host and content. It won’t’ take long to catch up to the 30 episodes of the podcast which are currently out and you have to wonder if the show will be using them as content for the initial season or if they’ll be breaking new ground when it starts up.

Are you interested in ‘Lore’? What network do you think would be the right choice for the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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