Hey there mouth breathers, sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short on this but here’s the recap of  this week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ episode “Home”. True, zombies never take a holiday, but we hope you enjoyed yours!

We start our journey this week with the return of Ghost Lori, so for those that like it or not, seems the show is really going down the rabbit hole with this story line. We see Rick, clearly losing it as he steps outside the protection of the prison’s perimeter fence to go see what his dead sweetie pie is beckoning him towards. She doesn’t speak but she does touch his cheek ever so gently, which Rick clearly is on board for.

In my opinion, the opening scene is akin in feel to that from ’28 Days Later’ where the group is watching three beautiful horses with serene music playing in the background. The point being that despite all of the madness, killing and general ugliness, there still can remain something pure and good in the world – its a very hopeful scene. Lori’s presence however, could be disputed as the Angel of Death for Rick as his grip on reality starts to deteriorate at a much faster pace.

From there we peek in on the now calmer citizens of Woodbury and Andrea as her accent into the role of  Miss Governor seems imminent. The actual Governor thanks her for stepping up when the sh*t hit the fan last week, but his cool demeanor is not  the stuff reassurance is made of. Andrea soon realizes that she has been played by her one-eyed boyfriend as she comes to find that he’s split from the town and has taken a bunch of choice fighters and a hole-lot-o-guns with him. OOOHHHH hell no!

Meanwhile back in prison, the gang is trying to decide if they should allow a few of them (Glen and Michonne = Team Kickass) to go to Woodbury and head off the Governor and his team of assassins off at the pass.  Not everyone is on board with this plan and Hershel gets straight up pissed that Rick has yet again taken the express train to Crazyville and checks out as leader of the group. He goes outside to give him a pep-talk and that’s when Rick reveals that the source of his cracking mental state is that he thinks he’s been seeing Lori. Hershel goes into full psychiatric mode and asks “Can you see her now? Is she here with you?”. Would have been amazing if Rick has replied with “Well if you can’t see her Hershel, than she’s not here, DUH.” but alas viewers did not receive this comedic moment.  

In other news at the prison, Maggie tells Glenn that she wasn’t raped and subsequently is taught how to feed Lil’ Asskicker (aka Rick’s daughter) by her teenage sister. Carol seems to be moving along in the romance department when she and Axel have a very friendly conversation on the grounds that day. Get some, Carol.

The Brothers Dixon are still wandering around in the forest when they come upon a Hispanic family with a baby about to get ripped to shreds by a swarm of walkers. Darryl mother f**king Dixon takes action while his dip-sh*t brother wants to just kick back and not waste his precious bullets. Not on Darryl’s watch. He storms in like the dark hero he is and once he takes action, they all join in and collectively take the group of walkers down. The most fantastic kill of the episode hands down goes to Darryl when he pulls a walker out of the trunk of the car and SLAMS his head with the door of the trunk, brains and skull go splat and again solidifies that he is one mega bad-ass. Once they’re finished killing all the walkers however, Merle decides he hasn’t reached his douche-bag quota for the day and tries to loot from the family they just saved. Oh Merle, when will you learn! Fed up with his brothers ways, Darryl decides to return to his people and in a sense, goes “home”.

As the episode comes to a close,  its made clear this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Battle Royal between Team Rick and Team Governor. OMG!! Well, almost. Axel gets the first round of bullets in his back and Carol uses his dead body as a human shield once they realize they’re under attack. Rick and Hershel are still outside the fence and start to shoot in any direction that heavy fire seem to be coming from. The Governor has a group of his lackies in the forest as well as in the bell tower and out in the fields shooting at anything that moves inside the prison. At first its pretty lame that they’re all literally just shooting everywhere without causing any real damage, except for Axel of course.  That guy is super dead. The real fun begins when The Governor thinks he’s won (pay special attention to his ‘bad-boy-face’, exceedingly hilarious) and his group starts to take their leave. Before they go, they release a huge pack of zombies out of their van and drive away. Classy move guys.

From there the scene seems pretty hopeless: Hershel the one-legged-wonder is laying in the grass defenseless as a group of walkers approaches, Michonne goes in guns (or should we say Samauri Sword) blazing and tries to kill as many walkers in her path as she can, little Carl tries to take refuge behind a wall with Beth and Carol is pretty much just hiding behind Axel’s body the entire time. BUT THEN! Glenn comes back and swoops Hershel up out of the field, and just as Rick is about to be double teamed by a group of walkers, Darryl shows up and saves the day!! Rick realizes who has just rescued him, and they exchange a tender moment as their bromance is officially rekindled.  True, Merle is in tow but seeing as he just helped save Rick’s life, he’s forgiven momentarily.

Nothing really happened this week with the new group of outsiders still locked away in the prison awaiting their fate from coo-coo-for-coca-puffs Rick, but maybe next episode.

Well that pretty much does it for this week, what did you guys think? Was the beginning of the war between Team Rick and Team Governor everything you’d hoped it would be and more or did it leave you wanting? I personally thought it was kind of a cop out. I was hoping for Rick and The Governor to walk towards each other in slow motion through a cloud of smoke as two doves fly into the sky either behind or in front of them, but we can’t win em’ all. My guess is that this battle is far from over, Rick’s team will want retaliation and hopefully Rick can keep it together long enough to lead them to victory. Or who knows, now that Dale is back, maybe he’ll be the new ring leader. Time will tell but let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.