Pearl Mackie as Bill  Doctor Who TARDIS

Ever since the BBC announced that Jenna Coleman would be leaving her ‘Doctor Who’ role as the soufflé making companion Clara Oswald, thoughts of who could possibly be replacing her swirled in the minds of Whovians. Now 4 months since her last appearance on the episode ‘Hell Bent,’ the Doctor has found another to travel with him in the blue box. Meet Peal Mackie who will play Bill, the newest companion for the Doctor:

The announcement came during half time of the Everton v Manchester United FA Cup soccer semi-final on BBC1. Unlike past companion announcements, Mackie was introduced in quite the fanfare with a 2 minute clip from the first episode Mackie will appear in:

Filming for Season 10 will begin next month but won’t air until sometime in 2017. While there won’t be a new season of episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ this year, at least we have been given a crumb with the offering of a Christmas special in December. It looks like we’ll have quite a while to wait until we see Mackie running with the Doctor.

More details about Mackie as they come….

In the meantime, what do you think of the new companion? Let us know in the comments below!

Pearl Mackie Doctor Who