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Photo credit: Joe Seer /

A new villain emerges as Fran Kranz (‘Dollhouse’,’Cabin in the Woods‘) has just joined the cast of the adaption of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower‘. What is actually interesting about the casting choice is more of what we can expect from the films and how they relate to the books rather than the casting itself.

“Why is that,” you might ask? Well, Kranz has been cast as Pimli Prentiss and readers can tell you that he is a character who isn’t introduced until much later in the story. In fact, he doesn’t pop up until the seventh installment in King’s epic horror series. Not only that, but they are describing his character as “the right-hand man of the Man in Black.”

That is two big departures from the novels as not only is Prentiss being introduced much sooner than in the books, but he is also one of the Crimson King’s henchmen and not someone who works for the Man in Black at all. In fact, he is a reluctant prison warden for all intents and purposes. It is hard to imagine a situation where he wouldn’t work directly for the Crimson King without some major story alterations. I’m starting to get curious as to if they are trying to merge the characters of the Man in Black and the Crimson King in the cinematic take.

Kranz is joining Jackie Earle Haley who was recently cast and is playing another character which is being introduced rather early in the story arc.

What are your thoughts of Kranz as Pimli? Are you concerned at how early they are introducing his character? Also do you think that they might be trying to combine the roles of the Man in Black and the Crimson King? Share your thoughts below!

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