DCC AK Catwoman 15Over the years, Batman has had a pretty sizable number of both allies and enemies, but very few of them have straddled the line quite like Catwoman. This villainous femme fatale played a huge role in last summer’s blockbuster ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ video game, so it only makes sense that the team at DC Collectibles would take the opportunity to release a brand new figure of her based on her appearance in the hugely successful game! Today we’re taking a look at this recently released figure to give you the full run down!

From the get go, this figure is fantastic. Just looking at her in the package, you can see that she’s got an extraordinary sculpt that transitions the characters look from the ’Batman: Arkham Knight’ figure game perfectly. What’s even better, is that when you look at the ’Arkham Knight’ line against lines from previous ‘Arkham‘ games, you will see that we get a whole new world of articulation from DC Collectibles with this figure. If you’ve got a Catwoman figure from DC Collectibles ‘Arkham City’ line, you may want to seriously consider upgrading to this new one.

DCC AK Catwoman 3

DC Collectibles ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Catwoman figure comes packaged in the standard five-sided DC Collectibles packaging. The front of the packaging is clear so you can see the figure inside while the pack showcases other figures in this wave and the sides sport art and designs from the ‘Arkham Knight’ game! The short diagonal side has the characters name scrolling down across it. Catwoman is secured snugly inside her packaging with all of her accessories.

DCC AK Catwoman 2

As far as her sculpt goes, ‘Arkham Knight’ Catwoman is exquisite. Her costume has a plethora of intricate details to it, and this figure carries over each and every one of them for a purr-fect translation from the video game to your collection. Every detail has been captured, right down to each buckle and zipper. The details in her scalework alone are astounding, and go to show that while DC Collectibles is stepping things up with articulation, they aren’t losing any of the details in their fantastic sculpts. Aside from her thighs, the articulation on this figure is also really well hidden in the sculpt. Her paint applications are a really nice blend of shiny reflective black with a much more muted dark grey that really pop against one another.

DCC AK Catwoman 6

One area that really stands out on this figure is her superb face sculpt! The paint applications for her eyes and the skin tone on this figure are exceptional and really bring the character to life. I really love that her hair is even poking out of the pack of her cowl, and that you can still see her ears shaped underneath her mask, as it makes the figure feel so much more like it represents a real person.

DCC AK Catwoman 1

Catwoman has a solid amount of articulation that gives her a very broad range of movement. You can pose her almost any way you like! And even with her heeled boots, she has a great center of balance, so she doesn’t topple over very easily. This might be the single most articulated Catwoman figure released to date by DC Collectibles, making her a ‘must have’ for collectors.

DCC AK Catwoman 4

As far as accessories go, Catwoman includes two whips and several alternative sets of hands. One whip is loose and made of a rubbery material so that you’re able to actually have her whip things with it or use it to grab things while the other is wrapped up so that she can wear it at her hip. One of the only complaints with this is that while the whip looks great on her hip, if you take it off she has a large gaping hole in his thigh on one side. Still, it’s a really nice touch that DC Collectibles even included the wrapped up whip for her to wear when she isn’t holding it in her hand, so the small inconvenience of the hole in her thigh seems pretty worth it.

DCC AK Catwoman 5

As a whole, this figure is damn impressive. While it’s based on the character design from the ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ video game, it would easily fill a gap in your collection as a standard Catwoman figure. The articulation is solid, the sculpt beautifully crafted, and the accessories are just the perfect little notes to bring this figure to life. We highly recommend the ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Catwoman figure from DC Collectibles!