Riff Trax

So while the new ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000‘ is happening, it is still a ways off but thankfully the wait isn’t going to be as bad as we thought. We’ve got a teaser coming up soon and it is straight from the spinoff series ‘RiffTrax’! Not only is it a teaser but it is a full on reunion to end all other special reunions in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of RiffTrax! If you loved MST3k, this is what is going to get you into theaters when it is aired on June 28th, 2016! Also, for the record, while the above image does include Kickstarter information they have already more than funded the project so no worries about this being something that could possibly not be happening.

The lineup is pretty amazing and includes everyone you would expect when it comes to ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’: Michael J. Nelson (Old host and currently RiffTrax), Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo and current RiffTrax), Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot and current Rifftrax), series creator Joel Hodson, Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank), Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester), Bridget Nelson (Nuveena, Mr. B Natural) and Trace Beaulieu (Dr. Clayton Forrester, Crow T. Robot). Not only that, but the reboot’s host Jonah Ray will also be part of the festivities.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet but will be available on April 15th. Unlike the usual take on roasting a single movie they will instead be taking on a slew of education short films, surprises, and end the night with a “grand finale SUPER RIFF-A-PALOOZA” which sounds fantastically absurd and entertaining.

I can’t wait!

For those unfamiliar with RiffTrax Live, it is basically the same concept as ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ but instead of being on TV they simulcast the show and their voiceovers live into theaters across the country and also a tape-delayed airing for later time zones and a secondary broadcast. The reunion show premieres in theaters on June 28, but if you can’t make that date, it will be rebroadcast in theaters on July 12th.

What do you think that the cast will have in store for us as a surprise when the RiffTrax drop? Are you planning on attending one of the showings? Share your thoughts below!

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