The CW renewed all of its existing shows for another season, which includes its workhorse ‘Supernatural’ which stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the demon-hunting Winchester brothers.  ‘Supernatural’ is returning for its 12th season in the fall and the ratings for the show have remained strong, so there is no end in sight.  But SHOULD the show end, how would the stars like to see it go out?

Padalecki draws comparison to another famous buddy film:

“It’s changed a lot over time. Part of me, loving ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, always thought it’d be great to see the boys against insurmountable odds and to freeze-frame on them and just hear stuff in the background. You don’t know if they die, you don’t know if they live, but you know that they’re going to go out in a blaze of glory.”

Meanwhile, Ackles goes back to the show’s beginnings, musing:

“If you’d asked me Season 1, I would’ve thought that it would’ve been the apocalypse. But then again, you can’t end the TV show with the worst thing happening.  As we’ve evolved, I think that there’s different roads that the show could certainly go down that would be interesting. I think we’ve taken some really good turns.

“And then I went back and watched a few of the episodes, I watched through ‘Swan Song’ and the scene of the boys laying on the hood of the Impala. I think that’d be a nice way to go out if we had to — watching the end of the world. Or looking up at us from the trunk and throwing the weapons in and saying we’ve got work to do. All of those kind of leave room for opinion and room for interpretation. I don’t think we should see the boys die or live, we should wonder.”

Of course fans kind of hate ambiguity.  Then again, that does leave the door open for further adventures down the line, should a revival happen.

But one thing is for sure, according to Padalecki:

“The boys can’t stop fighting. As long as they’re alive, they’re not going to stop fighting. We’re going to have to see them continue to do good together. I think that’s what’s the most important part.”

But should it come down to one brother or the other?  Dean, a.k.a. Ackles thinks his character would make the ultimate sacrifice:

It’s either going to end tragic or it’s going to end not tragic, and I can kind of make an argument for both.  I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I always thought Dean would make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. I guess if I had to choose something, that’s probably what I would choose.”

At any rate, fans won’t have to fret too much as ‘Supernatural’ doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

As hard as it is to imagine, how would you like to see ‘Supernatural’ end?  Should the Winchesters get a happy ending?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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