Usually a deleted scene will help to fill in the blanks or just feel like filler but the first one from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ gives us more questions than answers. It seems very strange for Warner Brothers to already start sharing pieces of the film that will end up on the R-rated Ultimate Cut which expands about the movie by an additional thirty minutes, choosing Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor as the first scene might have some people a bit baffled by itself. For many of the negative opinions that have surfaced, his character was generally viewed as the weakest link and had him thought of as very un-Luthor-like.

‘Communion’ as the scene is titled shows off Luthor and possibly another tie in to the ‘Justice League’ films and regardless if you loved or hated this take on the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader the one thing you can’t argue is that over the last weekend it made a killing at the box office.

When you check out the video below you’ll see Luthor and a strange alien model who wasn’t used in the film. The alien also just happens to be holding Mother Boxes and anyone familiar with Darkseid and Apokolips will know that this is the technology that they use. Also it has the bonus of being the same device which ends up turning Victor Stone into Cyborg.

You can check it out here:

It is hard to say where in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ this clip was supposed to fall into though I suspect it will be make sense as the other deleted scenes start to surface or are shown on extended edition.

What villain do you think is being shown in this deleted clip? Where in the movie do you think it takes place? Are you glad to see more of Lex Luthor or would you have preferred one of the heroes getting some extra screen time? Share your thoughts below!

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‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Cut’ will be released on July 16th, 2016.

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