Batman Ben Affleck

From the moment that Ben Affleck (‘Daredevil’,’Argo’) was cast as the Dark Knight in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ we’ve all suspected that a stand alone movie was in the works and Affleck opens up on the possibilities of one happening. While out making the press tours for his first venture into the DC Cinematic Universe, a new Batman movie of course came up and with his role generally being touted as the stand out performance in the film, it should be no surprise.

So what did our new Batman have to say about a solo Batman movie happening anytime soon?

“I’ve just learned not to commit to movies until I really think that the script and everything is right about it, and if we got to a place where we had something great to do then I would do it. But right now we’re still developing.”

So the idea is there, but we’re so far into pre-production right now I wouldn’t get my hopes up quite yet. Not only that but he seems to feel like many that it could still be too soon after Nolan’s films for a new stand alone or trilogy to pop up on the big screen as:

“[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] isn’t, to me, a stand-alone Batman movie. Batman’s in it, and I think that’s okay. But I wouldn’t do another just Batman movie right on top of Chris and Christian’s movies, I would just want a little more distance.”

While early reviews for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ aren’t looking good, his performance is being hailed as the one of the few shining moments. With the plan to create a DC Cinematic Universe that could rival Marvel’s, it would only seem to be the right play to put him front and center in his own film as soon as possible.

What do you think about Affleck not seeming to be in a hurry for his own stand alone Batman movie? Do you Nolan’s trilogy is what is truly holding him back? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Yahoo