The Little Prince

Netflix to the rescue! After Paramount unceremoniously dropped ‘The Little Prince’ a week before it was slated to play in theaters, the streaming service has obtained the domestic rights to the film in the US thus saving many moviegoers from heading north to Canada to see the film.

Although the film was supposed to premiere today, it will be a little while longer before the US gets to see it. No definitive date has been released but it is being reported that Netflix will stream the movie later this year.

It’s still a mystery why Paramount decided to no longer be the US distributor of ‘The Little Prince’ considering the film has pulled in over $100 million internationally. It also received France’s Cesar Award for Best Animated Film as well as numerous praises from critics for its interpretation of the story and its stunning use of stop-motion and computer animation.

‘The Little Prince’ is based on the classic 1943 novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery about a pilot who crashes in the Sahara Desert and as he tries to fix his wrecked plane, he encounters a strange young boy who, over time, tells the pilot of his travels and the men he has met and his mission to return to his asteroid home where he lives with his rose. The conversations the two have are filled with allegory and philosophy about human nature and although the novel is targeted for children, it is a story that holds different levels of interpretation and meaning even to adults.

In director Mark Osborne’s adaptation, the film will tell the story of a young girl whose mother schedules every minute of her time so that she will achieve academic success and prepare her for the grown up world. It’s not until the young girl meets her eccentric kind-hearted neighbor who tells her tales of when he was a pilot and his meeting with a little prince that she sees the world in a different light. As the Aviator tells the little girl, “growing up is not the problem, forgetting is.”

From the trailer, it is clear that the film will hit the tone of the book quite accurately and that a lot of tissues will be needed while watching it. Hopefully, Netflix will stream ‘The Little Prince’ sooner than later.

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Source: THR