We’ve waited seven years for the next installment in the ‘Riddick’ franchise, and it looks as though the sequel is in danger. The untitled sequel, produced by star Vin Diesel, has shut down production due to financial woes, according to TMZ.com.

Michel Trudel, the owner of the Montreal studio where production was taking place, claims to have not received payment from One Race Films on time, so “he changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set.” One Race Films is Vin Diesel’s production company and has been around since 1995. The company has successfully completed projects in the past; the company’s credits include ‘XXX’ and ‘Fast Five.’ TMZ also reports that many crew members are concerned because many have not gotten paid for over two weeks.

The film has a reported budget of $60 million and is being backed by Universal. Last month, Diesel released concept art, which got many fans excited about the tone, mood, and direction of the film. Why the money troubles? No one knows. Diesel has not commented on the status of production, and there has been no word from Universal.

This could be a temporary shutdown. Normally, the source of a film’s budget doesn’t release all the money to the filmmakers at once; this is to make sure there is enough to cover all three phases of filmmaking: preproduction, production, and postproduction. With production just starting, Diesel and the other producers are most likely working on the budget with Universal. Although the film will have an “R” rating, Universal knows that the project is viable and will probably keep the film alive.

Once Trudel gets paid, he will allow the production team to return to the studio.