flash and supergirl

We all knew (hoped) that it would happen eventually, and now it has finally come, ‘Supergirl’ is going to have an episode (airing March 28th) where Barry Allen crosses over from ‘The Flash’ to lend her a hand with two super villains, thus cementing her place in the Arrowverse, even if she is not part of the same universe (would she be Earth-3?). Of course, the big worry for the producers and the network is whether or not only hard-core fans of both shows would appreciate the characters and the cross-over event, but executive producer Greg Berlanti feels that is not the case.

In his words during Paleyfest this past weekend, he stated:

“Obviously, you have to understand the concept of superheroes and that they can have all sorts of different kinds of powers when [The Flash] shows up. People will appreciate how he gets [to National City] and their journey that they take in the hour.”

Barry, in particular, is a great character to do cross-overs with, as he brings an energy and humor with him that even lightens the mood when he guest stars on ‘Arrow,’ a considerably darker show than either ‘The Flash’ or ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’ And since ‘Supergirl’ is also a hero enthused with her powers and saving people, the pair get along great, at least according to ‘Supergirl’ star Melissa Benoist:

“It is the most joyous occasion to have these two superheroes together in the same place, at the same time, working together. They are both so happy with their powers and what they get to do and how they get to help people, that it’s kind of infectious and exciting and upbeat and happy.”

It seems the only one slightly unhappy about Barry’s arrival in National City is James Olsen, who sees Barry as a threat to his own relationship with Supergirl, especially now that he is single again. In the words of Mehcad Brooks:

“We have this little rivalry, because he’s a superhero, too, and kind of hitting on my girl a little bit. I’m like, ‘Damn you, Barry.’”

As for whether there will be more cross-overs in the future, producer Ali Adler seems hopeful, especially with the chemistry between the two heroes. According to her, it seems that if the cross-over proves successful, there’s a very good chance they will be doing it again sometime soon:

“We really had an amazing time making it. It was tough to juggle people’s schedules. The Flash is a busy man, but in success, we’d love to do this again.”

What are your thoughts on the cross-over? Do you want to see Supergirl cross back over into the Arrowverse proper? Or is she too overpowered for the villains there? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Source: TV Line