When the short film ‘True Skin’ was released it was met with rave reviews. Now Amazon Studios has plans to develop an ongoing series based on that short film. If the name sounds familiar that would be because Warner Brothers had previously picked up the rights to create a feature length film from the concept but have let the rights lapse.

Stephan Zlotescu has really garnered a lot of attention with ‘True Skin’ and the film itself has a lot of appeal if you’re into cyberpunk. Of course, it would have to in order to take the 6-minute short and turn it into a 1-hour series. At this time, the studio is looking for a writer but Zlotescu will be directing the adaptation of his short with Scott Glassgold on board to produce through production company Ground Control.

The short is set in a near future of our own world where technological augmentation has become the standard. We’re following Kaye who hasn’t been able to afford the cream of the crop augmentation and instead gets a prototype on the black market in Bangkok. The chip isn’t quite what he was expecting though as it is slowly turning him into a cyborg that might very well be stealing his humanity and shadowy government forces trying to capture him. Between the cyberpunk themes and government conspiracies, there are plenty of ideas to mine from for a series that could be quite fascinating to watch. Cyberpunk has never had a huge outlet on television and with wearable technology becoming more and more standard it’s only a matter of time before we see tech that really does start to make us partial cyborgs beginning to crop up.

You can check out the original short that the series will be based off below!

This is a concept that could go quite a few ways especially when you factor in that Vlad Caprini and his studio Opticflavor who was behind the short is also set to be working on the series. This will be quite a visually amazing show to watch.

Are you looking forward to ‘True Skin’ getting an ongoing series? Do you think that this is the kind of Cyberpunk world that people would love to watch? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter