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While you may not recognize the name Quantum Mechanix just yet, we promise that it’s a brand you’re going to want to start following very closely by the time you’re done reading this here today! Quantum Mechanix has been gradually picking up steam and making a name for themselves by producing  high-end collectibles from some of your favorite licensed brands like ‘Firefly’, ‘DC Comics’, and ‘Ghost Busters’, and offering them at low tier price points, producing a scenario where everybody is a winner. QMX offers a variety of different products, with their offerings including 1:6 scale figures, stylized PVC figures, home goods, and even screen accurate replica items! This past week we got to take a look at some of their amazing new offerings for 2016 at New York Toy Fair 2016, and we’re here to give you the rundown…


Of all of the lines that Quantum Mechanix is producing, the one that stands out at the forefront is the Q-Pop line of PVC figures. These figures are highly stylized 3″ figures featuring some of your favorite licensed brands like Marvel and DC Comics. Each one comes permanently posed on a character specific display base and features a removable ‘floating speech bubble’ that you can display it with! The speech bubble comes packaged with a printed text sticker on it, but the Q-Pop line all include a dry-erase marker so that you can peel off the sticker and write whatever you want on it!

QM Qpop7

Currently, the Q-Pop line looks to be heavily focused on the comic book industry, with lots of figures from both Marvel and DC being showcased. From Marvel, we’ve got Deadpool, Captain America, and The Hulk; while from DC Comics we have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and The Flash! Several of these, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman, are in stores now, while the rest are all due to release in the coming months!

Captain America & The Hulk

QM Qpop6

Deadpool & The Flash

QM Qpop5

Batman Classic & Batman ’66

QM Qpop

Catwoman & Superman

QM Qpop2

Green Arrow & Wonder Woman

QM Qpop4

Poison Ivy & Mr. Freeze

QM Qpop3

Master Series

While we’ve known about their Captain Mal Reynolds 1:6th scale Master Series figure from ‘Firefly’ for some time now, we had no idea about his two space fairing friends that shared his display case! Quantum Mechanix has revealed that they obtained the 1:6 scale ‘Star Trek’ license and are producing these 12″ figures based on ‘Star Trek: The Original Series’. The only figures revealed in the line so far are Kirk and Spock, but if these two are a sign of what we can expect from the line,  ‘Star Trek’ fans are really in for a treat! While unrelated to ‘Star Trek’, QMX also mentioned that we can expect to see some 1:6 scale figures based on the popular ‘Supernatural’ television series as well later this year! There is currently no release date set for these figures.

QM one sixth

 Mini Masters Ship Replicas

If there’s one thing most sci-fi collectors are going to swoon over, it’s going to be the ships! QMX has a line of screen accurate miniature ship replicas from some of your favorite films and television series, and wow do they look great!  So far ships on display from this line include several different models of the Starship Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’, The Globemaster from Marvel’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, The Milano from Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’, and The Batwing from ‘Batman (1989)’! Each ship is cast in either PVC or in metal and will be individually painted. Additionally, each ship features a clear plastic display base that is magnetized so that it will hold the ship firmly in place for display while not needing to leave any kind of ‘peg hole’ or anything in the ship that alters the original vehicle design!

Starship(s) Enterprise

QM mini masters 3

The Globemaster

QM mini masters 2

The Milano & The Batwing

QM mini Masters

Minimasters & Q-Bits

As far as other figures and collectibles on display, QMX showcased a few other neat new products that are sure to catch your eye if you’re a fan of ‘Supernatural’ or ‘Firefly’!

From their 5″ scale Mini Masters line of sculpted figures, we have Sam and Dean Winchester from The CW’s long-running ‘Supernatural’ series! Sam is sculpted with the ‘Demon Knife’ and an EMF reader, while Dean is holding ‘The First Blade’ and a duffle bag. These are both due out later this year and feature highly detailed sculpts! These two also mark the first ever non-stylized Sam and Dean figures we’re getting, and while they aren’t articulated, they’ll make great display pieces.

QM supernatural 2

Also on display was a mini-replica of a ‘Hoverboard’ from ‘Back To The Future II’ that many of you may recognize from Loot Crate last year! These will be hitting the retail market in just a few short weeks for those of us who missed out on our chance to get it in Loot Crate.


QMX is also delving into the world of blind-boxed mini figures with their Q-Bits line! The first series of Q-Bits is set to be based on the fan favorite cult classic science fiction phenomenon, ‘Firefly’! This initial wave will be comprised of the entire crew of ‘Serenity’, so we can look forward to hunting down Mal, River, Book, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Inara, Jayne, and Simon (Jayne and Simon not pictured).

QM firefly 3

 Home Goods

Finally, we have Quantum Mechanix home goods offerings, which are definitely some of the coolest things that were on display! Even if you aren’t too into collectibles, most of us still have plenty of items we use every single day that we could definitely use a new spin on, and Quantum Mechanix is giving us just that! QMX is producing home goods products based on some of your favorite licensed brands like “Firefly’, ‘Supernatural’, and ‘DC Comics’!

Some particularly awesome pieces that stand out include…

‘Demon Trap’ Floormat from ‘Supernatural’

QM supernatural

Magnetic ‘Star Trek’ Insignia Pins, DC Comics Luggage Tags, and Key Chains


‘Firefly’ Leatherboun Journal, Pet Collar, and Fleece Blanket

QM firefly 2

‘Firefly’ Ceramic Bowls, Playing Cards, and Plush Bears

QM firefly

If you weren’t already aware of all of the awesome products that Quantum Mechanix is putting out before, we’re fairly certain that you’ll find a sudden urge to collect them all now! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com all this week for all of the latest news coming out of New York Toy Fair 2016!