While the details are still few and far between on most of these, the crew over at Diamond Select Toys had some major announcements releasing this weekend from New York Toy Fair 2015! It looks like they have obtained the DC Comics license, or at least part of it, as they have a ton of new products based on popular DC Comics franchises coming out way this year!

Diamond Select Toys recently posted a bunch of teaser images to their social media accounts revealing a bunch of cool new DC Comics licensed properties, although they aren’t technically based on the DC Comics themselves. All of the products that DST is producing appear to be based on various DC Entertainment properties, such as the DC Animated Universe shows like ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, ‘Superman: The Animated Series’, and ‘Justice League’.

Many of the products shown off here are Busts and PVC Statues, but wow do they look great! In this one picture alone, we see busts based on ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ characters like Batman, The Phantasm, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and even a version of Batman from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’! There are also a few PVC Statues from their announced ‘Femme Fatales’ line that will feature some of the strong female characters from various DC Animated properties. So far in this line we can see Catwoman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman! It also looks like there are a few smaller ‘Flash’ and ‘Green Lantern’ items on the bottom shelf, maybe some additions to DST’s awesome series of bottle openers?

DST gave IGN a first look at the first PVC statue being released from their ‘Femme Fatales’ line, Supergirl! This statue of Kara Zor-El stands 9” tall and is based on the character design by Bruce Timm which was used for ‘Superman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Justice League Unlimited’! Supergirl is expected to be hitting the market early this summer and has an MSRP of just $44.99! The full press release from Diamond Select Toys is below:

A Diamond Select Toys release! DST is finally entering the world of the DC Animated Universe! Their first release takes them all the way to Metropolis, the home of Superman: The Animated Series – and the adopted home of Superman’s “cousin” from Argo, Supergirl! Supergirl rests atop a rocky outcropping, ready to hurl herself at the next foe to threaten her favorite city. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall atop her sculpted base, Supergirl comes packed in a full-color window box, and is in scale with other Femme Fatales PVC statues. Sculpted by Steve Varner Studios.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Diamond Select Toys has also announced that they will be producing brand new products and figures based on DC Entertainment’s hit television series ‘Gotham’! While no product images are yet available, we have confirmed with DST that they will definitely be making both Minimates and Select styled figures based on this new DC Entertainment property! Confirmed characters for the Select line include Gordon, Catwoman, and Penguin! There is currently no set date for DST’s ‘Gotham’ products.

With all of these awesome announcements flooding out of Toy Fair 2015, it sure is an exciting time to be a fan of DC Entertainment and their wealth of characters! It looks like these properties will be in good hands with the crew over at Diamond Select Toys!

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