Lucifer Sweet Kicks

So what’s an eternal and invincible devil supposed to do when he finds out he’s not quite as invincible as he once was? Be mindful of his fluctuating state of mortality or run head-on into danger, no matter the cost?

With Lucifer, it ain’t too hard to guess…

At first glance, things start off a bit tame, with Lucifer and his trusty bodyguard Mazikeen enjoying a #shoes fashion show. Even with the fancy kicks and gorgeous models, the exhilaration of seeing his blood for the first time is still keen in Lucifer’s mind; Maze too, but for obviously different reasons. Her words of caution go unheeded as, to Lucifer, “the danger of getting hurt is positively thrilling.” Said thrill isn’t too far from coalescing into reality when, during Lucifer’s backstage make-out session with a particularly bold model, gunshots erupt. When all is said and done, one Paola Cortez, is dead; trampled in the predictable panic post gunshot.

Back at the station, Chloe talks briefly with the victim’s mother. Paolo, she believes, was just a casualty of someone’s desire to see the fashion designer Bennie Choi dead. Of course, even in the midst of a murder investigation, Danny boy still can’t let go of a bit of the personal. He’s still up in arms about the whole Lucifer fiasco, one which Chloe assures him is over and done with. Color her surprised then, when Lucifer shows up at the station, but not to see her. No, he heads straight in to see Chloe’s boss, Lt. Olivia Monroe. As Lucifer’s wont to do—it’s his gift, after all—he gleans the Lt’s desire to become the city’s first female chief of police. He proposes a deal to the Lt; allow him to explore his mortality “in an exciting and dangerous way” and he’ll deliver her all the support she needs to make her deepest desire a reality.

It’s not difficult to guess Chloe’s reaction to it but, since it’s coming from her Lt, the only thing she can really do is set the expectations. “I call the shots” she reminds Lucifer who doesn’t miss a beat with his acerbic “you most certainly do—right in the leg”. Yet despite her reluctance to be working with the man she still can’t figure out, Lucifer once again proves himself, this time with an interview with Bennie. Luc calls in his favor, demanding Bennie answer Chloe’s questions. The artist has his assistant Hector give up the names of two Latin Kings—Diego and Dannie—that had words with Hector when they tried getting into the show.

We finally get to see Chloe's side of the Palmetto St controversy.
We finally get to see Chloe’s side of the Palmetto St controversy.

While they wait for ID’s to the Latin King couple, Luc convinces Chloe to grab drinks at The Paddock, a well-known police bar, one Chloe knows she’s persona non grata. Still, they hit up the drinkery and, when a brazen detective shares his opinion of Chloe’s person, we finally get the Palmetto Street story. In the most basic terms, she was a snitch, going against the grain, effectively alienating her from the majority of the department. Though their time at the bar is short-lived (on account of Luc decking the troll of a detective) the events of Palmetto St will be with Chloe for a long time.

With Luc out with Chloe, Maze runs into a familiar face in a much different, finely dressed Amenadiel. Fleeting in nature, the residual tendrils of desire still hang around the pair but it’s quickly onto business. Maze wants to go home but Luc’s no longer confiding in her. She does give Amenadiel a lead in Dr. Linda, brushing off his snarky comment about her shaky loyalty by saying “I want what’s best for Lucifer.”

But what’s best for our titular anti-hero and his own wishes may be polar opposites. When Maze once again cautions the uncertainty of Lucifer’s new change, he remarks on their previous dalliances and her jealousy that he’s exploring these mortal sensations with Chloe. She tells him things change…

“Yes, but you don’t, Maze,” he tells her. “You exist to protect me; to know where I am and who I’m with at all times…whether you want to or not.” Ironic words considering that Dan shows up right after Maze walks away, extolling his desires to keep Chloe safe. If Dan’s words make any headway in Lucifer’s chaos-filled brain is anyone’s guess. Fast forward to the next day with Chloe and Luc pay a visit to Diego and Dannie Ramirez. Not only do they find out the Paola Cortez was Diego’s cousin but the visit effectively eliminates the Latin Kings from suspicion and adds another potential suspect to the pool: Yellow Viper, Bennie’s once best friend who’s been released from prison. They make a pit stop at Bennie’s, who gives them a bit more info on Viper. That information in hand, Lucifer and Chloe go to see Viper at the community center. He’s not what one would expect from a guy wanting revenge as he’s teaching art to youngsters. Viper’s not about chatting with Chloe but it all takes an interesting turn when Diego, Dannie and a gaggle of Latin Kings show up looking for revenge.

Yep, hitsay just got real.

Have no fear, though, because Maze to the rescue.

Lucifer finally gets the danger he's been craving.
Lucifer finally gets the danger he’s been craving.

As the devil’s bodyguard, Maze has shown pieces of her fighting prowess but after Lucifer distracts the Kings long enough for Viper to get the kids out of harm’s way, the demon goes to work, breaking bones and snapping tendons as she was born to do. The aftermath isn’t as kind to Yellow Viper as a .38 is found in his belongings, the same caliber fired at the fashion show. Looks like they got their man…but it’s all a bit too easy. Once again, Chloe listens to her gut, realizing the neat and tidy way the case has been sewn up. There’s no real drama in the twist—Bennie set up the frame job to eliminate Viper as his competition. Our last view of Bennie is a terrified scream after Luc shows him the true face of Hell.

Case solved after a day’s work (or a few), Luc breaks the good news: he’s now an official Civil Consultant to the department and Chloe’s partner to boot. Lucifer admits that he may need to temper his actions a bit and thanks Maze for the save. “Whatever the danger,” she tells him with conviction, “I’ll be there to stop it. Whether you see it coming or not.” The almost-kiss that follows showcases a deeper side to Maze…though her silent visit to a sleeping Chloe begs the question…does she see the detective as a threat to Lucifer himself or Maze’s relationship with the King of Hell?

Truth and Consequences

  • While the case itself was less than enthralling, the chemistry between Lucifer and Chloe continues to light things up. It’s never better than when she points out a truth obvious to many that Lucifer doesn’t bother to see. When she covertly argues how Lucifer’s ‘favor’ to Bennie all those years ago indirectly caused Paola Cortez’s death, he responds that “people need to take responsibility for their bad behavior”. Chloe couldn’t agree more though the irony of her comments is lost on him.
  • Chloe’s castigation of Lucifer continues after the arrest of Yellow Viper. “You’re addicted to creating chaos and seeing where the chips fall, to hell with the consequences.” His responding smile is cut short when she asserts that he may even “have some kind of God complex”. He doesn’t take kindly to the comparison though Chloe’s words gain a bit of compound interest as, at the end of the day, Lucifer admits that he’ll need to be a bit less reckless with his possible mortality on the line.
  • Speaking of the line, Maze shows just how far she’ll go to protect Lucifer, even from himself, when she points Amenadiel towards Dr. Martin and later with an impromptu visit to Chloe. Her final words at Lux on how she’ll protect Lucifer from danger, whether he sees it or not, could mean bad tidings for Chloe.
  • One final note; turns out that Dr. Linda likes angels with both pristine and dirty wings. Amenadiel has set himself up nicely inside her guard, and we are left with him asking her out for a drink, for professional purposes of course. It’s only a matter of time before the angel gets the goods on Lucifer and that means Chloe’s safety may be at risk from two sides.