With ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ just around the corner, Marvel is just not in the right place to start the hype machine for its next adventure beyond the ‘Civil War,’ but that does not mean the next film, ‘Doctor Strange,’ is not currently in the works. In fact, ‘Doctor Strange‘ has already begun filming in London, and since they are shooting in a metropolitan area, there are already leaked photos and videos from the set, including a particularly good shot of a battle damaged Benedict Cumberbatch out on the street as the good Doctor. Check out the tweet below from user ‘Anything Cumberbatch’ to see the actual images, both a wide-shot of Cumberbatch walking down the street in costume and a close-up on his face in full ‘Doctor Strange’ make-up:


Following that, there is also a lengthy Periscope video by user Sanfort Dickert (clocks in at over 20 minutes!) that hints at why Doctor Strange looks bruised and bloodied in the other photographs. According to the footage, it seems Strange and Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are trying to help Strange’s sidekick Wong (Benedict Wong), who appears to have taken a fall from up above, leaving shattered glass all over the streets. Check out the video for yourself below!

Most theories at this point believe that the producers are using that particular part of London as a stand-in for New York’s Eastside, a fact confirmed by the presence of all the bright yellow cabs that can be seen in the shots. Which would, of course, make sense as Doctor Strange in the comics is a resident of the Big Apple, with his shadowy home hidden and accessible only to those that Strange invites inside.

What do you think of the set photos and videos? Do you wish people would just let them shoot and not ruin the movie with potential spoilers like these? Share your opinions below!

Source: Screen Rant