Lady Gaga

Applause! Applause!  Applause!  Lady Gaga is on quite a roll lately!  After the weak performance of her 2013 album ‘Artpop’, some predicted the singer, more known for her outlandish costumes than talent, had peaked.  But she spent the last year stretching in new artistic ways and she’s been winning across the board.  Her standards duets album with Tony Bennett was praised.  She won a Golden Globe for her lead role as The Countess on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’.  Weeks ago, she blew everyone’s socks off with her stunning performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at Super Bowl 50 and returned on the Grammys to rave reviews on her David Bowie tribute.

'Monster High''s fictional pop star Catty Noir, a werecat.
‘Monster High”s fictional pop star Catty Noir, a werecat.

What’s next?  Life in plastic!  With her outlandish costumes, Lady Gaga would seem to have been the perfect choice to have a doll based on her.  But it hasn’t happened until now.  Mattel is creating a ‘Monster High’ doll based on the singer’s likeness and it will be designed by Gaga herself with her sister Natali Germanotta, who also designs some of Gaga’s stage costumes.

Proceeds from the sales of the doll will go to the Born This Way Foundation, which is dedicated to “inspire empowerment and acceptance among young people.”  Last year, the Born This Way Foundation entered into a partnership with Mattel’s ‘Monster High brand in order to spread this message and this doll is their first joint endeavor.

So far, this teaser silhouette is all that has been revealed:


Gaga and Natali have also launched the #KindMonsters campaign to promote kindness in all aspects of life including on social media.

Mattel’s ‘Monster High’ stars the teenage children of various monsters from around the world, including two existing pop stars, Catty Noir a werecat and Casta Fierce a witch.  Will Gaga team up with them for a ‘Lady Marmalade’-esque collaboration?

For now, you can relive her acclaimed National Anthem performance:

Are you a fan of either Lady Gaga or Monster High?  Or both?  Will you be adding this doll to your collection?

Source: Entertainment Weekly