Every year during the holiday season, billions of people worldwide feel the frustration of trying to find the perfect gifts for the people they care about the most. The struggle is real! But luckily, you’ve got the always dependable crew here at ScienceFiction.com to bring some of the best Holiday Gift Ideas to you all in one big comprehensive guide! We’re making things easy for you this year, so here’s a run down of some of the best gift ideas for the science fiction fans in your life! This portion of the list talks about some of the perfect gifts for fans of Firefly, Doctor Who, Fantasy and Horror!

 For Firefly Fans

Firefly ReAction Figures

Back when ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’ were released, there were only a handful of collectibles and figures made to meet the demands of the masses, few of which really came out too well. Now Funko is making up for the lack of figures in the past with figures based on the hit series that are based on toys of the past! Funko’s Firefly ReAction toyline takes the characters you know and love from Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’  and recreates them as figures based on the classic Kenner ‘Star Wars’  figures of the 70’s and 80’s!


Inevitable Betrayel Dinosaurs

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”, one of the first lines from ‘Firefly’ and easily one of the most memorable! The tone of the series was set as Wash played with his dinosaurs at his command console as he piloted the starship Serenity. Now you too can play with those dinosaurs, and they even say real dialogue from the show!

Serenity Flash Drive

“Take my love, Take My Land, Take me where I cannot stand”; Your friends and loved ones will be able to take all their important digital files and documents with them into deep space with this sweet USB flashdrive shaped like the Starship Serenity from ‘Firefly’! It’s got 8GB of memory and a keychain loop to take it on the go!

For Whovians

10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

Allons-y! Make your friends television watching habbits a bit more wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey with this Sonic Screwdriver inspired universal remote control! This universal remote is based on the design of the 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver and features built in lights and sounds from the show! The controls are motion based, and it should work with virtually every entertainment system set up out there, so your friends will be able to impress their guests by controlling their television with a real Sonic Screwdriver!


Build Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

For the Whovian who likes to tread their own path across time and space, there’s the Build Your own Sonic Screwdriver kit! This kit allows you to pick and choose from a bunch of interchangeable parts to piece together your own version of The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver! There are a ton of different iconic pieces and additions for your Sonic available, and they have even released an expansion ‘parts’ pack to go with it and add on some even more fun to the mix!

Vortex Manipulator Watch

Just in case your companions are a bigger fan of The Doctor’s companions like Capatain Jack Harkness than they are of The Doctor himself, there’s the Vortex Manipulator Watch! This digital watch is made of faux-leather and is designed to look just like the one worn by Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood! It features built in LED lights and sound effects from the show, so the wearer will be ready to investigate all sorts of strange happenings!

For Fantasy Fans

Game of Thrones Figure Statues

HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ series, based on the ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ books, is one of the most popular fantasy series of our time. To celebrate this fantasy epic, Dark Horse Comics has been releasing this large scale figures based on the show that you or your loved ones can display in your collection! These figures are larger scale around 8” in height on average, and are really more like very well sculpted plastic statues than they are figures. The major plus to them being ‘figures’ and not ‘statues’, is that they are much more lightweight than a statue of the same scale, and far less fragile, so they won’t break nearly as easily! These are some of the finest figures this side of Westeros, so don’t wait too long to snatch them up!

The One Ring

One gift to rule them all! Show your friends or loved ones how much you really do care with this reproduction of the legendary ‘One Ring’ from J.R.R. Tolkein’s Middle Earth Saga! This ring is engraved in Elvish and is made of Tungsten Carbide, so it’s near indestructible, just like the real ‘One Ring’ from the stories! It truly is the ultimate gift for any fan of high fantasy.

Dragon Egg’s Cookie Jar

For the perfect mother of dragons who loves to bake, there’s the Game of Thrones Dragon’s Egg Cookie Jar! The design itself is modeled after Rhaegal’s egg, so you know it’s going to be good! Capacity is “many cookies or one unhatched dragon”!

Gandalf’s Staff

You shall not pass! Or at least you shouldn’t pass on this chance to give the gift of Gandalf’s staff from ‘Lord of the Rings’! This staff is a life size replica of the original prop from the films, so it’s pretty much the most legit a staff that any wizard could hope to receive! It even features built in lights and sound FX straight from the films! Another perk is that your friends should be mostly capable of fending off a Balrog with this thing, so you should be able to venture safely through the Mines of Moria!

Magical Unicorn Drinking Horn

Unicorns are a rare and mystical creature of legend. So when someone gives the gift of a harvested Unicorn horn, it should never be taken lightly! Show those that you care about just how much they mean to you with the gift of this magical Unicorn Drinking Horn!

Game of Thrones Legacy Figures

If the larger scale ‘Game of Thrones’ statuesque figures aren’t really a good fit, maybe these fully articulated 6” scale figures from Funko will do the trick? The Funko ‘Game of Thrones: Legacy’ figures feature highly detailed sculpts and are super articulated to pose all of your favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ characters any way that you want to display them! They’ve recently released the third wave of these figures, so now is a great time to get someones collection started by making them a great gift!

Harry Potter Wand Universal Remote

LUMOS! You’re a wizard Harry! Well… kind of. Not really. But your friends are about about as close as they can be for a muggle anyway, once they’ve got this sweet Magic Wand Universal Remote! This remote is motion controlled, so with a quick flick of the wrist your friends and loved ones can “magically” control their television! It’s probably as close to the gift of “real magic” that you can give! Wand may or may not contain a phoenix feather or dragon’s heartstring core.

Hobbit Socks

These socks will turn you or your loved ones into a Hobbit straight out of Middle Earth simply by putting them on! Well, okay, that isn’t true, but they sure will make your feet look like those of Hobbits! That’s still pretty nifty right? Plus they’re warm!

Learn to Speak Dothraki

Give the gift of language this holiday season with the ‘Learn to Speak Dothraki’ kit! Teach your friends how to speak the passionate language of the Dothraki people of Westeros, just like on ‘Game of Thrones’! It may be a violent sounding language of guttural sounds, but hey, isn’t that half of the fun? Besides, how much fun would you have conversing in Dothraki to keep secrets from others around you?

 For Horror Fans

Universal Monsters Select

One of the best gifts for any fan of the classics of horror, there’s the 7” scale Universal Monsters Select figures from Diamond Select Toys! These figures are fully articulated and feature highly detailed sculpts so they make a great display piece for any horror fan’s collection! The latest wave of these figures includes The Creature from the Black Lagoon from the film of the same name; the Monster from ‘Son of Frankenstein’; and Van Helsing, who is the series’ first completely original design, but is set to fit right in with these classic creatures of the silver screen!

‘Night Breed’ Directors Cut Blu-Ray

Cult-classic horror film ‘Night Breed’ from fan favorite Clive Barker is a film many love, but few would call a masterpiece. For years, the film had long been out of print, and even when it was in print, the version
available was largely considered ‘flawed’, as the studio had heavily meddled with is during production. Now, after two decades, Clive Barker is releasing his very own official Directors Cut of the film via Scream Factory, to bring fans the ultimate edition of the movie. The price tag might be a bit steep, but any horror fan would be lucky to call this collectors item theirs!

Walking Dead Michonne’s Katana

Your friends can cut their way straight through the zombie hoard with this replica of Michonne’s Katana from AMC’s hit survival horror drama ‘The Walking Dead’! This is a full sized 1:1 scale replica of the sword seen on the top-rated television show, so it’s a pretty practical gift for anyone that might have a need for an actual sword! Or just an awesome gift for anyone that thinks swords are badass. Either way, this gift is a pretty much a win all around!

Funko ReAction Figures Horror

We mentioned the Funko ReAction line earlier in the ‘Firefly’ portion of the list, but did we mention that Funko s doing other waves of figures in the classic ‘Kenner’ style of toy? Take the ReAction Horror line for example! These 3.75” scale figures would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good horror movie now and then, with some of the most legendary horror icons included in this line of figures!

Mystery Minis Horror

If you’re looking for some stocking stuffers, or even just some neat little add ones to the gifts you’re already snagging for the horror lovers you know, look no further than the horror-themed Mystery mini blindboxed figures from Funko! These little 2” scale figures are fun little versions of your favorite horror icons like Freddy, Jason, Michael, and more! Plus, each box is a surprise in that you never really know who might be tucked away inside the blindbox!

Walking Dead Building Sets

Build your own nightmares with these new ‘Walking Dead’ building sets from McFarlane Toys! There are already several sets on the market now, all with interchangeable parts, so that you can build anything your friends can imagine to play out their vision of the zombie apocalypse! They have also released figure packs to go along with these so that you can expand your zombie hoard, or load up on more survivors!


And with that, we bring this second helping of our Ultimate Geek Gift Guide to a close! Be sure to keep an eye out for Volume Three to see our top recommendations for fans of Anime, Dinosaurs, and  recommendations for the Stylish Geek, New Geek Parents, and a little something for everybody! Don’t forget to check out the First portion of our guide if you missed it to find gift ideas for fans of Video Games, Comic Books, Star Wars, Star Trek, Power Rangers, or ALIENS! Happy Holidays from the whole team at ScienceFiction.com! We hope we’ve helped you pick out the best gifts possible for your friends and loved ones!