Thunderbirds Are Go

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ for the U.S. thanks to Amazon.  The streaming service has ordered four 13-episode seasons of the series, which combine CGI animation with live action models.  The first two seasons (26 episodes) have already aired on ITV in the UK, where the first series from the 1960s originated.  The third and fourth seasons are expected to air on ITV later this year and will be available to stream on Prime Video after the episodes become available in the U.S.

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ is an update of ‘Thunderbirds’ a TV series that launched in the UK in 1965, from the minds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  This show combined marionettes and vehicular models in a completely unique form of entertainment.  The series followed the adventures of the Tracy family, with most of the action revolving around the five brothers Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan, who each piloted their own high tech vehicle.

Photo credit: Helga Esteb /
Photo credit: Helga Esteb /

Rosamund Pike, best known for her role in the film ‘Gone Girl’ provides the voice for Lady Penelope, a British secret agent that assist the Tracy family in their exploits.

The voice cast also includes Rasmus Hardiker as Scott and Alan Tracy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as John Tracy, David Menkin as Virgil and Gordon Tracy, Kayvan Novak as Brains, Teresa Gallagher as EOS (the computer), Sandra Dickinson as Grandma Tracy, Andres Williams as villain The Hood and Angel Coulby as Kayo.  The show also features David Graham as Aloysius Parker (Penelope’s chauffeur), reprising his role from the original show from the 60s.

The original series was so popular, it spawned two theatrical movies in the 60s.  A live action film based on the property, directed by Jonathan Frakes (a.k.a. Commander William T. Riker from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) was released in 2004, but was a huge flop.

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ is produced by ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures in collaboration with Weta Workshop.

Are you ready to ride shotgun with the Thunderbirds?

Source: Deadline