SPOILER ALERT! This article contains FLAT OUT SPOILERS of the two post-credit scenes in ‘Deadpool’.  We just spell it out!  Turn back now if you don’t want to know what to expect!

We already knew ‘Deadpool’ had two post-credits scenes, one of which was included in press screenings, which was then (of course) leaked online.  Some people chose to avoid spoilers entirely, but others want to know everything before they sit down in the multiplex seat.

For those people, well… here ya go!

Ferris-BuellerBoth post-credit scenes pay tribute to one of (if not THE) first post-credit scene in movies, the one in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.  In the original, after the credits set to the song “Oh Yeah” by Yello, Matthew Broderick who played the title character, staggers back on screen in his parent’s hallway, wrapped in a robe and asks the audience, “You’re still here?  It’s over.  Go home.”

In the first ‘Deadpool’ post-credits sequence, Ryan Reynolds, still in his full costume plus a robe, appears in what looks uncannily like the same hallway and says:

“You’re still here? It’s over. Go home. Oh, you were expecting a teaser for ‘Deadpool 2’. Well, we don’t have that kind of money. You were expecting Sam Jackson to show up with an eyepatch and a saucy little leather number? Go. Go.”

Even though technically ‘Deadpool’ is a Marvel Comics character, as you should know, this movie is not produced by Marvel Studios nor a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It’s by Fox, so the slight jab at Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo in ‘Iron Man’ which kicked off the current craze of slapping a post-credits scene onto every big movie is both snarky and playful.

Now, here’s is what’s in the second addendum.

It picks right back up where the first left off, in the same hallway, with Deadpool adding:

“Oh! But I can tell you one thing, and it’s a bit of a secret. The sequel? We’re gonna have Cable. Amazing character: bionic arm, time travel. We have no idea who we’re going to cast yet, but it could be anybody. Just need a big guy with a flat top. Could be Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Kiera Knightley — she’s got range — who knows? Anyway, big secret. Shh. Oh, and don’t leave your garbage all lying around. It’s a total dick move. Go.”

He then walks off screen before popping back and quoting the famous “Chick-a-chick-ah!” from “Oh Yeah.”

Reynolds just revealed that he was endorsing an ‘X-Force’ movie to follow ‘Deadpool’, but Fox has already greenlit a regular sequel as well.  Which will come first?

Most likely, Cable will be introduced in ‘Deadpool 2’ before both heroes from ‘X-Force’ in a later film, but that’s just a guess.

So now that you know what comes after the movie, you can just get up and leave without sitting through the credits.  Just make sure you pick up your trash before you go, or the Merc might have to hunt you down.

Are you even more excited to see ‘Deadpool’ now that you know that this is just the first step towards an ‘X-Force’ movie?  Or are you happy enough with just the adventures of Wade Wilson?

‘Deadpool’ will slay audiences on Friday, February 12.


Source: Geek Tyrant