Yaya Han is possibly the most famous person associated with the growing artform of Cosplay, having spent 15 years practicing and being featured on national television on Syfy’s ‘Heroes of Cosplay’ and TBS’ ‘King of the Nerds’.  Now she has partnered with national retail chain Jo-Ann’s Fabrics to bring the art of cosplay to fans across the country.  The chain will now offer a “new line of specialty fabrics that will make it even easier for creative cosplayers to realize their dreams.”

The store will begin offering such fabrics as Ultrapreme, 4-way stretch spandex in matte or metallic colors, holographic scales, brocade, pleather, stretch suede and liquid leather to appeal to everyone whether cosplaying as super heroes or steampunk.  There are even specialty fabrics that can be used for armor.

In a statement, Jo-Ann’s fabrics said:

“Until now, costumers interested in pushing the creativity of their designs to the next level had two choices—either make due with limited selections at local stores or shop online, which takes away the all-important ability to touch and feel the material to make sure it’s the right fit for a given project.”

Han herself expressed:

cosplay-fabrics“This new line from Cosplay Fabrics represents a paradigm shift in the world of cosplay.  Dressing up and creating your own fandom at events like Comic Con in San Diego and New York has really gone mainstream in the last few years. Now it will be even easier for everyone to make their own costumes and create their own fandom!”

Jo-Ann’s already stocks patterns to assist in cosplay, with subjects like superheroes and Doctor Who.

Not only will these exclusive fabrics be available at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics brick and mortar stores, but on the website cosplayfabrics.com which will also offer tips for cosplaying and host a forum for cosplayers to share information.  The line is set to launch this spring.

Are you a cosplayer or someone who has been looking to give it a try?  Are you excited to have a local venue to help you fulfill your dreams?

Source: Tech Times