To be honest, it was only a matter of time until we started to see the realities of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign and the police shooting atrocities make their way into mainstream media, and it is fitting that ‘Luke Cage‘ might just be the first super-hero to confront the headlines dead on.

According to recent set photos, it seems that at some point during the upcoming ‘Luke Cage’ series, the titular hero will be held at gunpoint by members of the New York Police Department, and things look very familiar to anyone who has been paying attention to what is going on in the US nowadays. Not only is Cage in a grey “hoodie” reminiscent to those seen on the news, but he has his hands up while confronted by armed police officers. Couple that with the fact that in some of the photos there are bullet holes in that hoodie, and it becomes abundantly clear that the creative team behind ‘Luke Cage’ is undoubtedly playing on the tragedies occurring around the US, perhaps hoping to make Cage even more a hero to the downtrodden affected by similar situations.

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Fortunately for Cage, we all know he is bullet-proof, and will live to take on the actual super-villains who we know will be making an appearance on the series (including Colonel Cottonmouth and Shades), but the idea of using current events within the series is definitely something that makes the Netflix part of the MCU stand out from their cinematic counterparts. ‘Daredevil‘ in reality dealt with battling gentrification in poorer neighborhoods, and ‘Jessica Jones‘ basically dealt with an extreme form of sexual assault, perpetrated by a villain that the characters literally could not say “no” to.

What are your thoughts on ‘Luke Cage’ taking cues from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement? Is it too topical for an escapist superhero show? Or do you like that Netflix and Marvel are finding ways to comment on current events using their heroes as their voice? Make sure to check out all the pictures and then share your opinions in the comments below!