Scott Snyder has acknowledged the report that he and Greg Capullo are leaving the ‘Batman‘ comic series. So what does the future hold in store for Snyder and Capullo? Well, we do know that Capullo is doing a creator-owned series with Mark Millar however, that should only take up about six months of his time. After that, he and Snyder will be working together once more.

First off, it appears that Snyder found out the report along with the rest of us.

Looks like he won’t have to come up with much new for awhile either with whatever he ends up doing:

Snyder and Capullo have been working on the title together since 2011 so it should be taken quite literally when he says:

The best part for ‘Batman’ fans is that it would appear that the two will be going out in style:

What is Snyder up to next? Well that sly dog isn’t saying much:

It sounds like we won’t know much more about what he has in the works until this run of ‘Batman’ comes to an end. However, he does give us one huge hint. Is this the ‘Detective Comics’ rumor or something else entirely?

We can’t wait to see what Snyder is up to either and are more than happy to hear that his next DC project means he’ll continue working with Capullo as they really are a team that knows how to work together.

Do you think that the rumored ‘Detective Comics’ is next on Snyder and Capullo’s plate or will they have something even bigger to tackle? Share your thoughts below!

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