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When ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ concluded, the crew of the Enterprise was poised to finally set out on the five year mission exploring the final frontier that had defined the original series. Now it seems that in ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ a few years have passed, and potentially some of the stories from the original series may have occurred in their own unique way to the new crew. According to Karl Urban:

“On this one you’ll notice that there’s been aging. It’s two years into the mission, so there’s wear and tear on the ship.”

As others have pointed out, this is a relatively new concept for ‘Star Trek,’ as the original series did not show any wear and tear on the ship, or really speak on how long the crew had been out in space, mainly due to the limitations of television at the time. There was no DVR, no online viewing, no DVD’s, not even VCR’s. If the audience missed an episode, there was no way for them to catch up, which is why each episode had to be fresh, without any real changes to the ship or crew, for fear of audience members feeling like they missed something, or giving up on the show because they felt they had somehow fallen behind.

Fast forward to the present movie, and Urban is basically telling us that they have been out in space for 2 years away from home, and both the ship and the crew are feeling the weight of that time. We even learn that Sulu has a particularly strong desire to return home because he apparently has a young daughter waiting for him back on Earth, who fans are reasoning is most likely Demora, the Sulu daughter we met as an adult in ‘Star Trek Generations.’ It will be interesting to see how the crew acts together after all this time in space, and whether that weight will directly contribute to the loss of the Enterprise, and everything that happens to them in ‘Beyond.’

What are your thoughts on the time jump and the “aging” of the ship and crew? Are you excited to see what character developments arise from the new circumstances? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend, Cinemablend