His most recent endeavor, NBC variety show ‘Best Night Ever’ may have flopped, but Neil Patrick Harris remains one of the most engaging stars on TV and will be slipping into a new– and very different– role, that of the crooked Count Olaf in Netflix’s new ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ series based on the popular children’s novels credited to Lemony Snicket.  The first book in the series was adapted to a live action film in 2004, with Jim Carrey in the role of Count Olaf.

The Netflix series was first announced in fall of 2014, but development has been fairly slow.  Nearly a year later, a showrunner was finally announced, with Mark Hudis (‘True Blood’) overseeing the series and big name film director Barry Sonnenfeld (‘Men In Black’) attached to helm the pilot.  (Even though Netflix doesn’t really use the pilot process, instead ordering its programs straight-to-series.)

However, it has been revealed that Hudis has exited the project with no replacement yet revealed.

It is know that Brad Silberling, who directed the 2004 film, is slated to return to helm episodes of the series.

The quirky and macabre book series, follows the exploits of three orphaned siblings, Klaus, Sunny and Violet, who are taken in by their distant relative Count Olaf, who wants to steal their inheritance.  Though the books are credited to Lemony Snicket, the real writer, Daniel Handler, is serving as an executive producer on the series.

Harris’ casting would seemingly indicate that the show is still moving closer to reality.  Perhaps with this proven hit-maker (‘How I Met Your Mother’) attached, things will start coming together.

Are you excited that the ‘Lemony Snicket’ books will be translated to this live action series?  How will NPH do as the creepy Count?  Does his involvement make you more hopeful about the future of this troubled production?

Source: Screen Rant