The-Flash-Captain-Cold-Heatwave Legends of Tomorrow

With the premiere of DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ only a week and a half away, fan anticipation is running very high for the next chapter in the CW’s DC Arrowverse. And while we have already seen a number of trailers and TV spots for the new show, it seems the folks over at the CW want us to be absolutely aware that the new show is coming and that we should be watching it. Clearly they have no idea of the excitement already out there for this series.

First off we have a new clip from the series, wherein a drunk at a bar sometime in the 70s approaches the White Canary (aka Sara Lance) with a pick-up line. After she rebuffs him by pointing out another lady in the crowd she might be interested in, the man tries to attack her, a move that she handily shuts down. It is not until most of the bar is on its feet surrounding the Canary that she calls for aid from teammates Captain Cold and Heatwave, who look immensely entertained to be joining the bar-fight.

The second video released from USA today is yet another new trailer for the series, this one showing a little more of the set-up for the series, with the Time Masters admitting they are not warriors and have no army, and Rip Hunter recruiting his team precisely because they are legends in his time.  While most of the shots of the trailer have been seen before, it is still well cut, and uses a great song by The Chamber Brothers, ‘The Time Has Come Today’ to hold it all together.

What are your thoughts on the continued marketing push for ‘Legends of Tomorrow?’ Will you be watching next Thursday when it premieres? Or are you getting tired of the Arrowverse? Share your opinions in the comments below!

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ premieres on Thursday, January 21 on the CW.