Well, folks, the first appearance of Negan on ‘The Walking Dead‘ is at hand and with it executive producer Greg Nicotero is promising that there will be blood. He has gone on the record to say that the second half of the sixth season will be both “relentless” and “heartbreaking” so a major death shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Nicotero has reiterated that by saying “If you read the comic book, you know we’re climbing towards a major death.”

Now, I have to warn you there are potential spoilers ahead in case you haven’t read the comic or don’t know what Negan’s first appearance could mean so I’m giving you time to turn back now.

So long term fans of the comic series know that Negan is introduced with his baseball bat Lucille. She’s quite a hungry girl and with blood being what she likes to feast upon her introduction also spelled the quite violent end of Glenn. The outright way that he is beaten to death on page with Negan cracking jokes along the way was just the beginning on how he was introduced as being so much worse than The Governor.
We’ll see how Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on the character stacks up.

Now I’m a little torn on the idea of ‘The Walking Dead’ actually killing off Glenn at this point. While I know that we would all truly miss the truly spectacular acting of Steven Yeun in the role, I almost think that we’ve been teased with too much Glenn Death for the show to kill him off to actually have much impact.

First off the very scene from the comic was already teased with someone else about to kill Glenn in the exact same way:


And we also just had to go through the was he or wasn’t he eaten scene that had everyone up in arms.


With these two in mind it would almost feel that it would rob the impact of Glenn dying at the hands of Negan. He’s had two recent close calls that should have been kills and would almost cheapen an actual death now. That is why I suspect we’ll be seeing another character bite the big one. As the Internet has always claimed “If Daryl dies we riot” I couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess as to which survivor is going to be beaten off the island when the scene finally drops.

Assuming Negan makes a major killing when introduced, who do you feel will end up becoming walker chow? Will they be able to even half as brutally kill off a character in the way Glenn dies in the comic? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ is set to return to AMC on February 14th at 9 PM ET.

Source: Comic Book