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Move over ‘The Office,’ NBC has its sights set on a new group of co-workers set in a wacky world, only this world is also inhabited by DC’s Superheroes. In a bold move, NBC television and DC Entertainment are currently in the process of creating a show called ‘Powerless,‘ a single-camera half-hour comedy about a group of normal employees at one of the worst insurance company’s in America, who are envious of the world’s superheroes and engage in a “quest to find their own power.’

Not many other details are known about the new comedy, but it definitely hits some new notes for the comic-book world, being the first of its kind to bring a little levity into a world constantly endangered by supervillains and doomsday plans. (As long as you do not count the ‘Batman’ TV series from 60’s, which while wacky and campy, was not necessarily comedy). We have no idea whether the show will take place in the DC Expanded Universe or the DC Arrowverse, or whether it will create it own version of the DC universe to inhabit, nor do we know if there are any plans to feature any prominent heroes in the show, whether they be cameos or otherwise.

The show is set to be written by Ben Queen (‘A to Z’), while Michael Patrick Jann (‘The State’) is set to Executive Produce and direct the pilot episode. With the show airing on NBC, there’s a good chance it will be given more of a chance than on other networks (NBC is still desperate for programming and ratings), though there is also a chance that the network might give ‘Powerless’ the same treatment it gave ‘Constantine,’ which is only 1 season to find its audience, and then cancellation.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Powerless’ show coming to NBC? Is comedy based on the superhero world something you are interested in watching? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend