With the recent passing of George Clayton Johnson (the man who wrote the first episode of the original show), ‘Star Trek’ fans have not had much to celebrate, with the new movie not being released until mid-2016, with even that coming with some uncertainty after the recently released trailer. However, now there is some good news on the horizon, coming to us from the show’s creator himself, Gene Roddenberry. It seems that the company known as Drivesavers has spent about 15 months developing ways to access Roddenberry’s old custom-built computer where he wrote his original scripts and stored his script notes. It was clearly a labor of love and apparently they found a lot of valuable information inside, which they are not speaking of just yet. According to Drivesaver director of Engineering Mike Cobb, the drives contained:

“Documents. Lots of documents. 2016 happens to be the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek. Anything could happen. The world will have to wait and see.”

His cryptic remarks could mean anything, but fans are hoping for some lost scripts to resurface, or notes on the backstories of characters or where the franchise was going for Roddenberry, or maybe even some script and story ideas that could be used in upcoming movies and/or the new television show. Other ideas thrown out are script readings by the surviving members of the original cast, concepts for new characters and planets that can be added to the ‘Star Trek’ canon, or even notes on the original inception of the characters we know and love from the franchise. At this point anything is possible, and it is exciting to see this kind of information find its way into the world on the 50th anniversary of ‘Star Trek.’

What are your thoughts on the lost hard drives of Gene Roddenberry? Do you think there’s a reason the man might not have shared some of these ideas? That the content does not represent what Roddenberry wanted ‘Star Trek’ to become, but was rather just random notes? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend