The Batcave is the most famous super hero base of operations in the world and you can’t have Batman without it.  We’ve already caught glimpses of the stronghold in the ‘Batman V Superman’ trailers, most infamously the costume chamber in which a battered Joker-defaced Robin costume hangs, hinting at a past tragedy.

As you can see in the above pic from the movie, Wayne Manor has been abandoned for many years, is emptied of all belongings including furniture and has become dilapidated and run down.  As a result, expect the Batcave to actually serve not just as a crime lab, but as Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne’s living quarters.  Unlike previous dark, foreboding depictions, expect the new one to be more posh and comfortable, but with a spare minimalist design.

Jeremy Irons steps in as Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s loyal butler who also assists with his crime fighting missions.  Don’t expect the traditional stuffy, proper English butler seen in the past. As Irons described him:

“Alfred is a lot more hands-­on in our film than he has previously been… He’s a bit of a grease monkey, and he’s very involved in the decisions Bruce makes.”

Two new pictures have been released that allow you to explore this new Batcave.

The first shows Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Irons as Alfred in a computer lab where they seem to be examining some maps on their high tech monitors.  Irons is wearing an apron, which enforces his “grease monkey” description.

The second image is actually concept art, showing a wider view of the Batcave, which is separated into various sections, devoted to different tasks.  It’s hard to make everything out, but either of the two areas lit up in blue could potentially serve more as living quarters than to Wayne’s Batman pursuits.

And of course, there is a shot of the new Batmobile, which is once again, more of an all-terrain vehicle than more traditional “car” versions.

Check it out below:

What do you think of the new locale?  Or more importantly, do you think this swanky new home base will make it intact to the end of the movie?

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ directed by ZackSnyder and starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, and Jesse Eisenberg hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

Source: Screen Crush