For more than two decades, the words “It’s Morphin Time!” have incited excitement and joy in the hearts of millions of children around the world thanks to Saban’s ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ television series! While the first few generations of Power Rangers fans have long since grown up by now, but there is still quite a bit of love out there for the original first few seasons of the hit show even from the newest generation of MMPR fans! This year the team at Saban has teamed up with the team at Fisher Price to bring us a fantastic new line of ‘Power Rangers’ toys for their youngest fans through Fisher Price’s ‘Imaginext’ toyline! Today we’re taking a look at the masterpiece of the toyline, the Imaginext Megazord! Let’s see how it stacks up…

The Megazord from the original ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ is one of the most iconic mechs that has ever graced the small screen. The team at Fisher Price has really gone the extra mile in bringing this thing to live in a grand scale for their tiny Imaginext toyline! The figures themselves all stand at around 2” tall while this beast of a Megazord stands at two whole feet in height! Make no mistake about it, this thing is MASSIVE! Aside from being the awesomely gigantic Zord you know and love from the original series, it also doubles as a fun playset and base for the Power Rangers Imaginext figures. To say that this Imaginext Megazord is colossal would be an understatement as this is easily the largest scale we have ever seen a classic Megazord figure in. While this figure is recommended for children ages 3-8 years, this Imaginext Megazord is a perfect pickup for almost any ‘Power Rangers’ fan of any age. Whether you’re a small child or just a ‘big kid‘, this piece just does the trick and presents you with a ‘must have’ Megazord for your display!

As an Imaginext playset, the Imaginext Megazord is literally just covered in fun action features! These are all activated by action platforms that go off when you press down on them or rotate them. The action platforms all also have foot stands on them so that you can easily place your Imaginext Power Rangers figures on them for use or display. The first and most obvious one is that Megazords’ eyes light up a beautiful bright yellow when his head turns.

With the twist of an action platform on the Megazords upper right shoulder, the chest swings wide open to reveal a disc blaster! The discs themselves are shaped like the original six Power Coins from the classic series (Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, and Dragonzord. The discs themselves fire out of the disc launcher with the rotation of another action platform that is located within the chest itself. There are also two missile launchers in the upper chest area. When the chest is closed, it also houses figures as a part of the Command Center playset.

Down below we’ve got two wonderfully sculpted feet, based on the legs originally comprised of the Sabertooth Tiger Zord and the Triceratops Zord. While the legs are unfortunately unarticulated, meaning they can’t move at all, they each have their own unique special feature that makes up for the loss. Each of the knees on the Imaginext Megazord has an action platform on it to activate that legs special feature! The right leg (Sabertooth Tiger Zord) has a mouth that opens to hide a figure, and also doubles as an escape hatch for the small jail located in the playset base on the other side of the Megazord (more on that later!). The left leg (Triceratops Zord) features a drop down missile launcher!

If you flip the Imaginext Megazord around, you will see the inside of a Command Center playset! The playset includes what looks like a small jail cell (which you can escape from through the Sabertooth Tiger Zord’s mouth), a functional elevator (which easily slides up and down), and access to the missile launcher that is located inside the Triceratops Zord! It seems like they could have a done a bit more with the amount of space that looks leftover within the legs, but overall the setup is executed well.

In the upper half of the figure, we have action platforms to stand Imaginext figures on in both the head and the chest areas. One minor little detail that actually makes this figure that much better is that in the waistline area, there is a small computer monitor just at the top of the elevator, and on the screen you can see Zordon! It’s a really small detail that I didn’t even notice until I was looking at the photos I took of the playset, but it makes a world of difference to see him there. It’s tiny details like that which can take a good toy and make it stand out as truly great!

While the Imaginext Megazord is primarily lacking in the articulation department (with a whopping 8 Points of Articulation), its arms are fairly well articulated! It has articulation joints at the shoulders and elbows, as well as spring-adjusted hand articulation that allow the Megazord to hold on tight to anything you try to place in its hands! The arms are mostly hollow.

As far as accessories and inclusions, the Imaginext Megazord does its best not to disappoint! It includes to Imaginext Power Rangers figures (the Red and Black Rangers, to be more specific), as well as the previously mentioned x6 Power coin discs for the disc launcher, and x7 missiles for the missile launchers in the chest and leg. The only thing that feels kind of weak here is that we did no get an in scale sword and shield for the Megazord to hold, but due to the size of him it makes sense to skip on those.

There are very few toys in this world that will be able to live up to the cool factor as a two foot tall classic Megazord that doubles as a Command Center playset! While this set may look a bit childish (as it should, considering its geared towards children), it’s definitely a fantastic piece that would be a great pick up for Power Rangers fans of ANY age! The sheer size of this thing makes it worth picking up, but the action features and the fact that it doubles as a playset pretty much make it a ‘must have’! Regardless of the recommended age range on this thing, the epic scale of it escalate this into a phenomenal display piece for you or the perfect pick up for your favorite little rangers!