The following is part of a series pitting the merits and abilities of similar characters against each other. We open with a disclosure of the personal bias of the author then outline some ground rules and end with an example of how a fight between the two might unfold.

Personal bias: ‘The Reign of the Supermen’ storyline, which takes place immediately after Superman’s death way back in 1992, is what got me into comics. I went back to read how Superman died and thought a monster like Doomsday was a much better way to kill him than Luthor getting lucky with a Kryptonite bullet or something. Doomsday only got scarier in the ‘Hunter/Prey’ storyline that followed. For those stories alone, I prefer Doomsday to Hulk. Unfortunately, the big bad hasn’t been handled great since. Fingers crossed for his film debut.

Ground rules: Doomsday has been depowered then overpowered then made into a virus due to cloning, personality formation, and bad writing. For the purposes of this fight, I’m using Doomsday’s first appearance, which happens to be when he killed Superman. Hulk is the Marvel Cinematic version. The battlefield is earth…these two need wide-open spaces.

Fight! Both combatants show immediate aggression towards each other, but in the contest of rage, Doomsday has already won. The monster sprints towards Hulk going from 0 to 500 mph in a matter of yards and sends him flying with a double fisted uppercut. The Hulk saved his face from the blow but is now defenseless as he plummets back to earth. Doomsday takes advantage, leaping into the air and dropkicks Hulk, hastening his descent. Hulk explodes into the earth’s crust, cracking the landscape in half.

In a blur of green, Hulk retaliates, surprising Doomsday from the mushroom cloud of dust and dirt. Powered by his anger, Hulk smashes both palms on either side of Doomsday’s head. Shards of bone chip away as Doomsday shakes off the concussion and grabs his adversary. They wrestle to the ground, simulating an earthquake. Hulk presses off the ground with all his might and once again takes them both upward. They soar for miles until they crash into a nearby mountain range. The impact causing an avalanche that buries them both.

Next it appears like the mountain itself detaches from the surface. Boulders are chucked eastward, then westward returning fire until the mountain is level. Doomsday charges at Mach 5 speeds only to have his fury redirected into space with pivotal swing courtesy of the Hulk. Weakened from the battle, the re-entry, and impact is too much for Doomsday.

Results: Hulk wins and I’ll tell you why. Superman and Doomsday fought to a draw. Both died temporarily as a result. However, Superman started off pulling punches and worrying about collateral damage, allowing Doomsday to beat him down considerably before Superman realized that he had to be as brutal as Doomsday to win. The Hulk wouldn’t go through this process and get right to the smashing.

A footnote to this battle would be that if these two were to ever fight again. Doomsday would win…at least as he was originally conceived. Doomsday returns from every “death” stronger and unable to lose in the same fashion. That said, the ref’s decision stands. Hulk wins…for now.