In this issue, we flash back to the time when the title pair were just training to become heroes.  Catwoman takes Helena as Robin out to foil a robbery.  She’s a bit clumsy at first, but she comes through.  Bruce isn’t happy, but Selina uses her persuasion to calm him down.

Kara is doing okay in her training with her cousin Superman, but she isn’t perfect and after the death of Lois Lane. Superman feels she must be if she is to serve as their secret weapon.  They embellish their backstory a bit and we learn that both their rockets left Krypton at the same time but that arrived on Earth decades apart, with Kara having aged at a slower rate than Kal.  Superman must then soar off on a mission.

Ultimately, the two young heroes meet for the first time, but it’s not exactly under the best of circumstances.  The two of them don’t get to interact much in this issue, but we do learn more about who they are and their individual histories, which are similar but not exactly the same as they were before.

Being all flashback, means that the whole book was drawn by Kevin Maguire and that’s nothing to complain about.  He does his usual outstanding job here.  I like the way he draws Superman’s S as really shiny.  It looks a lot better here than it did in this week’s ‘Earth 2.’  I’m not sure if he designed Catwoman’s suit, but I love how it was really similar to Helena’s later Huntress costume.

The story worked fine and did a good job of informing the reader more about these characters, but I felt the ending was too rushed and that Supergirl and Robin didn’t really get to interact much.  There’s also a twist that could have lived without, but all in all, good issue.


Written by Paul Levitz
Art and Cover by Kevin Maguire