I should preface this by saying that there are no movie spoilers for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ but Quentin Tarantino (‘Kill Bill’,’Pulp Fiction’) is truly not happy with how Disney is handling the movie’s release. It has nothing to do with the movie itself but the fact that Walt Disney Pictures kicked ‘The Hateful Eight out of Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome in order for the studio to be able to show ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the entire holiday season in this classic 70mm venue. As Tarantino has always been about the visuals, this is something that he was less than thrilled with to put it mildly. With how colorful Tarantino is when talking you know exactly how much I’m toning this down.

So what exactly did he have to say on the matter? Well when asked while on the Howard Stern show he came out with the rather tame:

“It was real bad news and it fucking pissed me off. They are going out of their way to fuck me.

As of yesterday, Disney came to the ArcLight people and said, ‘No, you are going to play Star Wars in the Cinerama Dome for the entire holiday season, and if you don’t, if you honor your deal with The Hateful Eight, we will not allow you to have Star Wars, the biggest movie in the world. We won’t allow you to show it at any of your ArcLight movie theaters.”

To be fair he did clarify that he wasn’t angry with Disney itself or J.J. Abrams but Bob Iger who runs the Walt Disney Company. According to Stern Bob actually listened to his show and the radio host stated:

“Listen Bob … I don’t give a shit about this theater. Quentin’s a weirdo — sorry Quentin … They’ve got the stupid 70mm – they got all that shit that he cares about. He just wants to show his goddamn movie there. You’re sitting on top of the world. You’ve got Star Wars. What, do you need this?”

The theater in question is one of four remaining Cineramas to still survive. It was scheduled to show Tarantino’s latest on December 25th 2015, but the Force was stronger than his western here. This specific theater is a classic and has a 110 foot screen for an auditorium that fits over 800. While originally built in 1963 it was upgraded recently with dual-head Christie 6P laser projectors and Dolby 3D specifically for the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ release.

If you think it is the theater themselves behind this, they claim that “Disney threatened to pull The Force Awakens completely from all ArcLight locations” if they didn’t get the requested time spots. Tarantino followed up by saying that the Disney was using “extortion” to get what they wanted. Which isn’t that far off. For Tarantino’s point his distributors did have a contract with the theaters to release ‘The Hateful Eight’ on that date.

You can listen to the entire interview below:

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